Debbie Dadey, Children's Author

Issue #95  August 2016 

Are you back to school this month? It's so sad to say good-bye to summer, yet the new school year is full of possibilities! Hope your kids read bunches this summer, but if you want to encourage more reading, check out these tips on the right way to encourage reading .
     Did you know that August 7th is Friendship Day? Congress actually made it official in 1935. All of my books celebrate friendship and working together, including my upcoming September one Books vs Looks, where friends support Kiki's book club when Pearl creates a rival beauty club. Luckily, Pearl finds out that friendship is much more important than beauty! This book could start a fun discussion about classroom clubs.
     If you are looking for some back to school books, here are some possibilities. Happy August, Debbie
100 Years Old!
The National Park Service is 100 years old this year. Some of the parks are feeling their age and need some 'face-lifting'. Luckily the National Trust for Historic Preservation joined with National  Geographic and American Express to give away two million dollars to help restore crumbling features of our parks. You can view the winners here. Hope you'll also get to enjoy your favorite park before the year ends.
     The National Park Service may be 100, but this year is the 150th anniversary of the birth of Beatrix Potter. Click here for ways to celebrate. 
Favorite Facebook Pictures: (At the end I added one I found very profound for anyone who has ever lost someone).

     A smile disappeared from the lips of America on
August 15, 1935 when W ill  Rogers died. He was a
fascinating man and I enjoyed learning about him when
I wrote Will Rogers, Larger Than Life. Did you know he once gave up half a million dollars just to help a friend?
Three things to share:
1. Wow, the next Divergent movie will be on TV and not at the movie theater?!?
2.  If you want to try the social media, Twitter, here's a tutorial.
3.  Here's some fun how to draw with Bad Kitty guy, Nick Bruel.