On February 15, 2019, I met in personal with Geo Price (Administrator of Richland County Zoning and Deputy Director of Planning Department). He informed me that all the presentations that we have seen from E Capital are not legally binding. 

If approved, the low density zoning request E Capital has said they are seeking would legally allow the owner/developer of the property to place approximately 650 homes on the property based on current low density regulations and the acreage involved. No promises or drawings presented by E Capital are legally enforceable, including the 150 ft. proposed buffer, retention of ponds or trees, placement and quantity of homes, etc. The plan they have presented is basically a marketing tool and once the zoning change is approved, that plan can be totally scrapped and the owner/developer of the land can build whatever they desire according to the guidelines of Richland County‚Äôs RS-LD Residential Low Density District.