Farmer Goes to Market: Reconnecting Nebraska's grocers and farmers
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Why organic can't feed the world
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Why this long-time advocate is giving up on organic
After 30 years of work in organic agriculture, this Tanzanian professor of agricultural ecology has had a change of heart and now promotes the use of synthetic fertilizers and herbicides in small-scale crop production. Abandoning synthetic fertilizers and GMO seeds may be fashionable in the wealthy West, but it's toxic to the longterm health of the developing world's food security, he argues.
This country really does use 70 percent of antibiotics in animals
Guess which country really overuses antibiotics
There's a country where farmers use a relatively large share of important antibiotics on their farm animals and where government, which closely tracks and reports that use, proves almost 70 percent of all antibiotics really do go to animals. Hint: It's not the United States.
The obesity news just got worse
Think the obesity news couldn't get worse?
So Nebraska has just been declared to be getting even fatter, according to a new study. But try this news on for size. The odds we'll ever lose all that extra weight and keep it off may be even worse than you thought.
How to keep the grilling love alive
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Five ideas to extend the grilling season
Summer grilling season may have come and gone, but that doesn't mean the grills and smokers have to go cold. Try these five ideas to extend the grilling season and the high-margin commodity sales that accompany it.
The best worst six weeks of a farm year
Now comes the hardest, best six weeks of a farm year
University of Nebraska student videographer Michelle Dvoracek crafts a lovingly produced snapshot of the hardest, best six weeks of the year for these Nebraska farm men and women: The annual harvest. Experience a taste of it with them.
Thanks for ruining my Halloween, Mom!

Kids, we have some terrible Halloween news for you
We can't help ourselves. No, it's not that we can't stop eating all our kids' Halloween candy, as late-night comedian Jimmy Kimmel annually urges parents to do and then videotape the results. We can't stop ourselves from laughing at these kids whose lives, once again, have been simply ruined by their heartless parents. We dare you not to, as well.
Kathy's commentary: Here to help you counter food misinformation KATHY'S COMMENTARY
My hat is off to farmers this harvest
It's now officially fall, and harvest has begun in Nebraska. For those who didn't grow up on a farm, this issue gives a glimpse at the long hours and back-to-back days of unending labor that go into feeding us even while protecting our environment. 
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