"It begins with a kiss, a gentle, chiptune-flavored kiss. Then, BadMoodRude x MOD SUN’s “Novocaine” beings its music box melody before Rude’s voice steps into the spotlight. She delivers a sparse, haunting tale of a relationship gone wrong that is only amplified when MOD SUN comes in."
-Hollywood Life
New York-based artist on the rise, BadMoodRude , has teamed up with rapper MOD SUN for her new single " Novocaine " - Available everywhere today!

"Novocaine" is all about toxic relationships and how all you want to do is numb yourself to feel better; it premiered yesterday exclusively on Hollywood Life .

"I’ve known about MOD SUN since he was in the bands Four Letter Lie and then Scary Kids Scaring Kids. I grew up with his music when I was literally 10 and that was 15 years ago. Then we became mutuals on Instagram this year because we like each other's style," explains BadMoodRude on her developing friendship with the rapper "I wrote 'Novocaine' and I knew I wanted it to be my first song I did with another artist but I wanted someone who I thought would add more emotion to it, and something clicked that I should reach out to see if he would be interested. He fell in love with the song and recorded his verse in a day. He’s genuinely one of the sweetest people!"
Stream "Novocaine" here .
Artwork by EyeAm.
More About BadMoodRude
BadMoodRude is the dreamy, honest songwriter that you deserve to be listening to. The New York-based artist began her musical journey only a year ago but has quickly developed a passionate, diehard fanbase (31k on Instagram, 163k on TikTok) after releasing a number of honest, quirky singles that range in style from droning emo trap to lighthearted synth-pop.

Born and raised in Rochester, New York, Rude was exposed to a number of genres throughout her childhood (from Limp Bizkit to Amy Winehouse ) thanks to parents who were highly supportive of the city's local melting pot of a music scene. She began her music career in marketing for a local concert promoter but doubled down on her own talent when her late grandmother encouraged her to continue finding her voice and become famous. Following her untimely passing, Rude began to develop into singer/songwriter you see today with offerings like “Bigger” (231k Spotify), “U Must H8 Me” (211k Spotify) and “If I Make You Sad” (202k Spotify)

Rude is looking forward to performing (for the first time), strengthening her connection with her audience in the new year and dropping a number of releases including collaborations with the likes of German rapper Kaiba, R I L E Y and Lil Peep-collaborator and producer mysticphonk. Keep up with her dog, her spirit dolls and her music @badmoodrude.
Photo by Taylor Rambo
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