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Fayette County Sheriff's Office (Texas)
Deputy Calvin "C.J." Lehmann (age: 32) was shot in the face on November 1, 2018. He, and other law enforcement officers, were trying to arrest a known sex offender at the Carter Motel, in La Grange, Texas. This wanted subject was 49-year-old Shazizz Mateen.

The incident actually began at the Dollar Store when officers from La Grange P.D. attempted to serve a warrant on the subject Mateen. Mateen was wanted for failure to register as a sex offender. According to records from the Texas Department of Public Safety the subject Mateen has been a registered sex offender since 2006. Mateen's original sexual offense was in Galveston County, Texas. The subject, who has lived in La Grange for about three years, reportedly renewed his registration with La Grange P.D. in 2016 and 2017, but failed to do so in 2018. Several attempts to serve his warrant at his place of residence had been made since January, but they had been unable to locate him, until now.

Reference the original contact with the subject Mateen at the Dollar Store, one witness indicated that when two officers approached him, he resisted. The witness said Mateen pushed one officer back and that the "cop" drew his Taser and fired it. The witness went on to say that the suspect pulled out a knife and charged at the officers. Mateen fled and was able to make it back to his room at the Carter Motel. That's when he barricaded himself in his room. The Dollar Store and the Carter Motel are within walking distance of each other.

Really!?!?! Mateen resists arrest, they fire a Taser at him, then he pulls a knife and charges at the deputies!?!?! I don't like to second guess what happened, but it really would have been nice if the La Grange P.D. officers would have been able to apprehend Mateen at the Dollar Store.

I'm told that no Fayette County deputies, and that includes Deputy Lehmann, were at the Dollar Store during the initial confrontation with the subject Mateen. However, Deputy Lehmann and other Fayette County deputies were there at the Carter Motel afterwards.

Because he was wearing some body armor (a ballistic vest) Deputy Lehmann volunteered to take the lead in breaching the door to Mateen's motel room. As soon as Deputy Lehmann entered the room the subject Mateen shot him in the face, with a shotgun. Even after he had shot Deputy Lehmann he reportedly fired several more shots. Officers and/or deputies fired back at Mateen and he was hit several times.

Again, even though Mateen was apparently wounded, and he was trapped inside his motel room, he was able to elude capture. A Texas Department of Public Safety SWAT team eventually used a robot with a video camera to enter the room. The video from the robot showed Mateen laying on his bed. Officers/Deputies entered the room and were able to get the shotgun away from the subject and this time he apparently did not resist arrest.

Both the subject Mateen and Deputy Lehmann were taken to the hospital for medical treatment. Mateen's wounds were not believed to be lift threatening. He has now been released from the hospital and he is in jail in a neighboring county. Fayette County S.O. Lt. David Beyer advised me that they thought it best, if just for appearance sake alone, that the subject Mateen not be kept in their jail in Fayette County.

The subject Mateen was initially charged with four (4) counts of Aggravated Assault on a Public Servant with a deadly weapon. Each count carries a penalty of five years to life in prison. According to Lt. Beyer the subject Mateen is currently awaiting trial, and as far as he knows no trial date has yet been set.

At the hospital doctors immediately removed the remnants of Deputy Lehmann's left eye. His right eye was also severely damaged and they worked hard trying to save it. Unfortunately, and despite the best efforts of his doctors, they were unable to save Deputy Lehmann's right eye. He is now blind in both eyes and unless something miraculous happens in the future, it doesn't appear that this will ever change.

Deputy Lehmann, who is a native of Fayette County, is a 32-year-old single father of three daughters. I'm told the daughters are 12, 13 and 14 years old.

From talking with Lt. Beyer, and reading the different media accounts, I learned that Deputy Lehmann seems to be a very optimistic person. He loves his community and he loved his job, too. He indicated that by being in law enforcement he was living a dream. Even now, after this vicious attack against him, he apparently remains positive and optimistic regarding his future.

One of the articles I read said that Deputy Lehmann trusted the sheriff's department to take care of him. He was even quoted as saying, "They said that no matter what I'll have a job here...doing something. I'm not ready to throw in any kind of towel just because I can't see."

Wow! I hope he's right! When I spoke with Lt. Beyer I was impressed by much of what he said about Deputy Lehmann. Especially, when he said, "He's still part of our family here."



If you would like to make a donation to assist this brave and dedicated deputy, you can do it several different ways.

A PayPal account has been set up and you can go to the following site:

You can also mail a donation to the Fayette County Sheriff's Memorial and Benevolent Society. That address is:

Fayette County Sheriff's Office
1646 N. Jefferson Street
La Grange, Texas 78945

If you do happen to send a check, in the "For" section of the check put "C.J." All funds received for Deputy Lehmann will go directly to him to assist him financially.

If you would like to speak with someone at the Fayette County S.O., about making a donation, etc., you can contact:

Sergeant Angela Lala
(Criminal Investigations Division)


N.Y.P.D. is warning its police officers about a possible threat from the MS-13 gang. Even more specific, this possible threat is against off-duty officers. The N.Y.P.D. bulletin suggests that the gang may be wanting to target off-duty police officers near their homes. I'm not sure where this information comes from, but it was also stated that MS-13 gang members have been "conducting reconnaissance" of some officer's private residences.

It is also stated that MS-13 is very active in the New York City Borough of Queens, as well as Nassau County and Suffolk County. The major crimes usually associated with MS-13 includes drugs, child prostitution, racketeering and murder. I found one article which stated that members of MS-13 usually prefer to use knives and machetes, rather than guns. It said that the reason for this is that these blade-type weapons make a kill more personal and agonizing.

Here is some background information about the MS-13 gang. T his international criminal organization has been called the most dangerous gang in the world. Members of the MS-13 gang are best known, and even identified, by their tattooed faces. "Kill, rape, control." That's the stated motto of MS-13.

Law enforcement officers are being advised that they should take extra precautions, and not become complacent and/or let their guard down, especially when they are off duty and are in and around their homes. While these possible threats have not actually been verified as real, law enforcement experts caution that this intelligence should not be taken lightly.

This information about a possible threat of violence against N.Y.P.D. off duty officers, by members of the MS-13 gang, was issued specifically for N.Y.P.D. personnel. Even so, I believe all law enforcement officers, throughout the United States, might want to heed the warning from N.Y.P.D. and pay extra special attention to their surroundings when they are off duty and/or are at home.

For Third Straight Year,
Police Suicides Outnumber
Line-Of-Duty Deaths

It is a fact that suicides involving retired military personnel, and law enforcement professionals, occur at a much higher rate than that of the general population.
2nd book
In my book I discuss suicide and the law enforcement profession.
2nd book

In my book I also described my volunteer work with my local 2-1-1 crisis hotline, which also handled the Suicide Prevention Lifeline calls for the Tallahassee area. If you would like to help and make a difference you might want to volunteer with your local 2-1-1.

This month another of Chicago P.D.'s finest apparently committed suicide. If his death is eventually ruled a suicide, then it will be the third officer to have taken his/her life this year, and the sixth within the past six months.

The national average number of suicides in the general population is about 13 per 100,000 people .

For law enforcement across the United States that average is thought to be about 17 suicides per 100,000 .

In the City of Chicago, according to data cited in a recent D.O.J. report, the number of police suicides is between 22 and 29 per 100,000 .

Chicago P.D. created a video that deals with their almost out of control officer suicide problem. It is a very good video, but let me warn you, it is also a very difficult video to watch . Even so, I would urge you to watch it, just the same. It is less than two minutes long. You can see it by clicking on the photo above, or going here:

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Join the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund and the Vegas Golden Knights as they team up to show their appreciation for the brave and dedicated men and women who serve and protect us in Nevada.

"The Tin Star" is one of my favorite westerns. Henry Fonda plays an ex-sheriff, turned bounty hunter. Anthony Perkins is an inexperienced new sheriff in a small town. Fonda is giving Perkins some good advice.

Here are some words of wisdom that Fonda's character gives to Perkins' character. This is true now, just as it was back in the days of the old wild west.

Fonda: "A decent man doesn't want to kill, but if you're gonna shoot, you shoot to kill."
Perkins: "How about hitting him in the arm?"
Fonda: "Awh! That hookie pookie get you killed fast. I heard a lot of guys bragging about shooting a gun out of somebody's hand. They're lying! They shot to kill! A wounded man can still kill you!"

A new True Crime Writing Contest is being sponsored by me this year. Conference registration includes free entry into all contests, including mine. This True Crime Writing Contest is open to everyone and a law enforcement background is not required. Here are some specifics to remember:
* Complete manuscript, not over 2,000 words, is required.
* Narratives should be positive, showing the good side of law enforcement.
* Both fiction or non-fiction will be accepted.
* If your entry is Non-fiction it should be accompanied by some documentation that shows the incident really happened (i.e. newspaper clipping).

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