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Summer is in full swing in Madison, alternating between heat and rain.  In CS, faculty and graduate students are using this time to actively pursue their research, and we are getting ready to welcome new faculty for the fall.  The stories below give an idea of some of the happenings involving members of the CS community.  Read on.

Warm regards, Guri Sohi , Computer Sciences Chair
University of Wisconsin-Madison awarded grant to reinvent computing
Patel and his collaborators at UW-Madison and eleven other U.S. universities that make up CRISP - the Center for Research on Intelligent Storage and Processing-in-memory - hope to salve our data frustrations, as we accumulate more and more data to analyze, with the help of a grant from the Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC). 

Guri Sohi elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Professor Gurindar Sohi was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences this spring - a high honor that places him in the ranks of Martin Luther King, Jr., Albert Einstein and Barack Obama. 

Study suggests buried internet infrastructure at risk as sea levels rise
"Most of the damage that's going to be done in the next 100 years will be done sooner than later," says Barford, an authority on the "physical internet" - the buried fiber optic cables, data centers, traffic exchanges and termination points that are the nerve centers, arteries and hubs of the vast global information network. "That surprised us. The expectation was that we'd have 50 years to plan for it. We don't have 50 years."

Latino Youth Summit CS mobile-app workshop: Hello, world!
The Computer Sciences Department session during the summit is part of the department's effort to introduce computer sciences to pre-college audiences, to encourage underrepresented populations to participate in computer sciences, and to provide a service to the Madison community. Mike Swift, University of Wisconsin-Madison Professor of Computer Sciences, describes the goal as "demystifying computer programming."

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