Hello from Madison, Wisconsin! What an unusual Fall we have had and continue to have. We do hope you are doing well and staying both safe and sane despite world events.

The Fall semester has been not much different than Spring, alas, when COVID first hit. CS classes are generally being run in a "remote" mode, using a blend of different techniques to try to ensure a high level of educational quality while keeping students, faculty, and staff safe. Indeed, this is one of the strange benefits of COVID -- we have learned that we can provide quality instruction in this mode and will likely able to expand educational offerings in the future as a result.

In this issue, we have a number of great stories to share, which I hope you have the time to read and enjoy. We have profiles of some of our great new faculty -- Sharon Li, an expert in deep learning, and Yea-Seul Kim, a leader in human-computer interaction and data visualization. How lucky we are to have them join us; we look forward to the research and teaching innovations they will bring to us in the coming years.

We also share stories from L&S magazine with you. The first is about Miron Livny and his breakthroughs in distributed computing. The second is about CDIS, the new School that CS is housed within. Despite everything, campus is buzzing about computing and data, and our School of Computer, Data, & Information Sciences is right in the center of that excitement. Steve Wright's leadership role at the Institute for the Foundations of Data Science and its continued NSF funding are a part of that buzz - read about it below.

We've been working to share stories about our wonderful undergraduates with the world. As such, we've included terrific videos of some of our undergraduates; check them out! One thing that never fails to impress and inspire me is the passion, drive, and thoughtfulness of our youngest students.

Finally, we share a story about Professor Mark Hill, who, after many years of exemplary service to the department, campus, and beyond, is retiring to move on to the next stages of his career and life. We celebrate his great contributions, thank him for his time with us, and wish him well in his next pursuits.

Please do reach out and say hello if you have a chance. I'm always happy to hear from you all!


Remzi Arpaci-Dusseau, Chair
Computer Sciences Department