By Jeremy Raglin, Editor

Are you searching for a healthy drink to offer your customers that doesn’t have a lot of sugar or artificial ingredients? If so, Bai Brands offers low calorie, antioxidant-infused drinks, that don’t contain any artificial sweeteners or preservatives. 

What makes these drinks ideal to consume any time of the year is their highly concentrated antioxidants that “refuel” the body.

Each Bai Drink Includes Powerful Coffee Fruit

Coffee is a beverage that’s been consumed around the world for centuries, but what most people don’t know is that the coffee bean is actually at the center of the coffee fruit, and the fruit is almost always thrown away after the bean is harvested.

Bai harvests coffee fruit and uses it in all of their drinks. This creates powerful beverages that can be consumed anytime, especially during work, school, at home, on trips, or before workouts.