Pool Behaviors
We are still following the Central District Health order for masks, and limited social gatherings. Please help us keep our pools open as long as we can by following all the rules and signs posted. This means social distancing of 6 feet is required. If you show up at the pool and it's too crowded, then please leave and come back at another time. Be courteous of the length of time you stay at the pool, we want to make sure everyone is able to use the facilities. We will be keeping the pool open past Labor Day, so long as weather permits. We'll be watching this and will notify residents of closure via the newsletter. 

It's time to start planning for fall and irrigation shut downs. We don't yet have a date of when irrigation will be turned off from the Irrigation Districts, but it will be coming soon. Plan to get in your final fertilizers and wrap up projects during September. 

Back to School
School is starting back up virtually, but may be in session soon. Please be cautious and prepared for when buses start and kids are out headed to the nearby schools.

Fall Garage Sale
Don't forget the Fall Garage Sale is set for Saturday, September 12th, from 8am-5pm. Signs will be placed at the entrances and an ad placed in the Idaho Statesman. Anyone that wants to participate may set up in their own driveway. Best of luck to all!

Residents should be using their garage for parking of automobiles first before the driveway or street. There have been many complaints about street parking. Let's keep our community looking nice, by avoiding street parking as much as we can. 

Annual Meeting

Pool Closes

Fall Garage Sale
September 12

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