Irrigation Start-Up
The season is upon us. Irrigation will be starting up around the last week of April, and the landscapers have already been out doing clean up and preparing for weekly services.  We anticipate receiving water towards the end of the month, but will let the water push past us a couple of days in order to let the fresh debris from the canals move downstream rather than running it through our system. We will post signs at the entrances as soon as water is fully on. When you begin to start your own systems, please turn on your irrigation valves slowly. It takes us days to build pressure in the lines, and releasing full pressure to your system often causes breaks, which then we have to shut down your area of the community in order for repairs to be made. At the beginning of the season water tends to go off and on all day as repairs are done, and you can help us avoid this with a little care. When setting your clocks, please be sure to get on the irrigation schedule now so your lawns get used to it. You should start out with minimal times now, increase as it gets hotter, and then decrease as we cool off later in the season. 
  • Even ending addresses water Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • Odd ending addresses water Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
  • Sunday is a makeup day for the common areas.
In order to maintain social distancing, PLEASE do not approach or speak to any of the crews directly. If you have a question or concern regarding maintenance in any area, please contact the Association at or 208-287-0514. Thank you for your assistance in making this a great irrigation season.

Fence Staining
Many residents have been reaching out for the fence stain color because it's time to update fading fences. We've been made aware that there are multiple versions of our custom stain due to others trying to replicate it. The proper color is: Sherwin Williams, Old Tahoe Brown, semi-transparent, Superdeck stain. Below is a picture of the code for reference if you go to a Sherwin Williams store. You may use an oil or water base depending upon your style of application and preference. 

Annual Meeting
Due to schools closing for the rest of the school year, the Association is not able to hold the annual meeting at the elementary like usual. We are looking for alternative venues, but may have to wait until the schools open back up in the fall to schedule our meeting. We will send notices out as soon as we are able to get this scheduled. Thank you for your patience. 
 APRIL  2020

Annual Meeting

Easter Egg Hunt
April 11 - CANCELLED

Pool Opens
May 22

Spring Garage Sale
June 13

Pool Closes

Fall Garage Sale
September 12

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