Bainbridge Public Library January Newsletter
Book Lovers' Night Out!

Come to a fundraiser at Bainbridge Public Library
January 31st, 6:30-8:30 p.m.

Appetizers, Wine, Desserts (21 and over)

The program will feature a panel of NW authors including: Lynn Brunelle, Deb Caletti, Elizabeth George, and Anna Quinn. The moderator will be Kevin O'Brien.

Tickets are available at Eagle Harbor Books and online through Eventbrite @ $35/person

Art at the Library

Happy 2019 library and art fans!!  January artist, David Repyak, kicks off the year with a combination exhibit co-titled "Human Nature" and "Palouse Homestead" with an opening reception on First Friday Art Walk, January 4, 5-7PM.

In David Repyak's figurative oil paintings, c olor, and shape interplay to push and pull the viewer's eye between moments of calm and ceaseless energy. Boundary of form is defined and simultaneously deconstructed, creating a kinetic relationship between plane and space, content and audience.  The viewer steps backs and sees the strength of the human figure as solid, independent, and imbued with integrity. Whether figures are isolated or in relationship with others, all are grounded to the earth, suggesting to the whole experience of "Human Nature".

In David Repyak's landscape oil paintings, bold strokes obey no one, turning a playful back on convention.  Decaying back into the earth, we wonder what stories could be shared if this home could speak?  The landscape gently embraces the homestead, connecting with people who have long since moved on. Only a roosting family of owls enjoys the open, upstairs window now, with raking sunlight, piercing through holes in the roof. Whipping wind and scorching sun conspire together  to create a kinetic relationship between plane and space, content and audience, and invite us to observe the present moment.

You can view these works during regular library hours all of January as well as on the library website,  A podcast interview is also available at As always, thank you for supporting local artists and your Bainbridge Public Library. As you know, a portion of sales is donated to the library! May all your New Year's wishes come true (I have a few).

~ Linda Meier, art coordinator

Plum Tree Lamentations......

Alas, the five plum trees that border our Haiku garden have reached their arboreal lifespan (about 20 years), are suffering from fungal diseases and are soon to be replaced. The garden has enjoyed their beauty for many years, but they are becoming a hazard for the public including numerous school children walkig on the sidewalks next to Madison and High School Road each day.  Read about plum trees here. They have been evaluated by a local certified arborist who has tracked them for the past two years and plans are going forward to replace them in early 2019. They will be replaced by Venus Dogwoods at the recommendation of Doug Tanaka the lead gardener for the Haiku Garden in consultation with Ann Lovejoy.   Here is an example of the Venus Dogwood:

"When in doubt, go to the library"
- J.K. Rowling
Books Worth Sharing

November Road
 by Lou Berney
Set against the backdrop of the assassination of President John Kennedy, this is a classic 1960s gangsta tale. Frank Guidry, a minor functionary for New Orleans mob boss Carlos Marcello, 
was in Dallas on an errand for the boss less than two weeks before the president was shot. Now he knows too much, and his days are clearly numbered. So, he hits the road for Las Vegas hoping an old mob associate can help him hide. Frank knows better, but when he encounters an attractive housewife by the side of the road with two little kids, a dog and a broken-down car, his heart softens, and he sees them as a possible cover. He offers to help them get to California and away from a bad marriage. Posing as an insurance agent, Guidry and his pick-up family proceed to Las Vegas. But of course, the bad guys are in hot pursuit and Guidry is falling in love and not keeping his eye on the ball. This is nothing short of an exceptional cat and mouse game that will keep you on the edge of your seat, turning pages furiously.

~ Susan Braun

One Call for All

Please include the Bainbridge Public Library in your choices for giving. Your donation to BPL will allow us to maintain and improve the library building and grounds. BPL receives no tax dollars - it's your donations that make this possible. Thank you!

The Mystery of Bainbridge Public Library's Swamp Bird...Episode 5
Tressa, one of the KRL/BPL partnership's knowledgeable librarian led me to the Swamp Bird's perch on a tall wooden pedestal, below the North windows. Success! We were delighted until we saw . . . To be continued...
Friends of the Library Book Sales

The Bainbridge Island Friends of the Library book sales offer gently used books, CDs, DVDs, audiobooks and magazines to support the Friends, who in turn reinvest in the library through endowment gifts, programming and special events, magazine subscriptions, the aquarium in the Children's Library and much more. Daily, scores of donated books, magazines, CDs, DVDs, and other items arrive in our book room.  A crew of volunteers work three days a week to sort, price, organize, and shelve these donations for our sales.  As a result, our stock of books and other items on display for sale is constantly renewed. Over a year's period, we receive several hundred thousand books and we are proud that we have only gently used, often new appearing books on our shelves.

Mark your calendar for book sales at Bainbridge Public Library:

Thursday, January 3rd 1:00pm - 4:00pm
Saturday, January 12th 10:00am - 4:00pm
Tuesday, January 22nd 10:00am - 4:00pm

Did You Know?

Bainbridge Public Library, a nonprofit organization, owns, operates, and maintains the Library building and grounds through community donations and grants.  Kitsap Regional Library provides the library staff, collection, classes, and a virtual library at with funding from property tax revenues.  Together we provide the quality library our community wants and has come to expect.  Thank you for your support!