3 Cheshvan 5780 | October 31, 2019
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Lower Elementary
Parshas Noach
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If you have a 3, 4, or 5 year old daughter, please mark your calendars for Sunday, November 10th, for Bais Yaakov Preschool’s annual Open House. This year's theme, "All Around the Seasons" will feature a puppet show, an obstacle course, a wagon ride (weather permitting), many rooms full of multi-sensory activities and of course, the opportunity to sign up on site to attend Bais Yaakov next fall.

We look forward to greeting you on November 10th!

Our annual “ Welcome to Bais Yaakov ” luncheon was held before Yom Tov to welcome all the new girls to school. This gives our newest students an opportunity to be welcomed to Bais Yaakov and feel good about themselves. The girls are also introduced to all their coordinators and principals. Each girl in our school is unique and adds to the spirit that is Bais Yaakov. We are so excited they have joined us and wish every one of them much  hatzlacha  here! 
We introduced our Pre-Nursery students to the wonderful world of Parsha by showing them what a Sefer Torah looks like inside. Our youngest children saw what happens when you turn the atzei chaim (wooden rollers). The girls were so excited and very eager to learn!
Our Preschool students spend considerable time outdoors learning and playing on the beautiful Bais Yaakov campus. This week, two of our Kindergarten classes were fortunate enough to enjoy a discovery walk with Mr. Dov Goldstein (Morah Tayna Goldstein's husband). Mr. Goldstein helped the girls learn to observe all types of wildlife and fauna, even encouraging them to stretch beyond their comfort level to hold spiders and other insects. They learned lots of new vocabulary words, in addition to the special creatures and plants around them. The girls enjoyed their nature discovery walk immensely.
Our Second Grade students enjoyed their Tehillim assembly this week upon their return to school after Sukkos . As in past years, our moros presented each child with the Artscroll Chinuch Tehillim. the Sifrei Tehillim have been dedicated by Rabbi Tzvi and Mrs. Liora Rosen in memory of
Mrs. Rosen's parents Shmuel ben Yosef Leib A"H and Chasida bas Mordechai A''H . We are grateful for this very special sponsorship. Each girl has the opportunity to become a Malkas Tehilim when she completes the entire sefer and enjoys a siyum with her family here in school. We hope that this introduction to Tehillim will be the beginning of a life-long relationship.
Mrs. Simi Mittleman's First Grade jungle explorers have started their year of learning adventures! They're busy investigating math jungles, exploring science, and reaching new heights as readers. Stay tuned for more of their animal encounters! 
Mrs. Esti Feldheim’s class combined math, science, and exciting curiosity this week in their hands-on fall adventure. They started by heading outside onto our beautiful campus grounds to collect leaves in various colors and sizes. They then used their leaves to learn about graphing colors and measuring using non-standard units of measurement (like cubes, paper clips, and crayons). There was a feeling of excitement in the air as the girls took ownership of their learning.
In Second Grade , our students have been busy learning about the marvels of the human body. To gain an understanding of how long the human digestive tract is, they measured thirty feet of string, before learning how the tract is coiled up inside of us. The girls learned about how we breathe and created inflatable models of human lungs. Learning about our bodies creates a sense of awe and appreciation for the wonders of Hashem's creations. 

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