23 MarCheshvan 5782 | October 28, 2021
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High School

Parshas Chayei Sara
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A non-stop roster of speakers created an inspiring climate from school’s start right up to Succos. These included Rav Avrohom Schorr shlit”a, Rav Shrage Neuberger shlit”a and our own Rabbi Yechezkel Zweig, Rabbi Yehoshua Shapiro and Rabbi Shaul Engelsberg. Rabbi Shapiro’s fascinating tale of the blind woman who was later gifted with the bracha of sight kept us all on the edge of our seats until its surprise ending. The girls were especially inspired by the important lesson of how much we owe the Ribono Shel Olam and how to respond to His gifts to us.
A profoundly uplifting Yom Iyun just several days before Yom Kippur was the perfect touch to sustain a Yamim Noraim ruach. The theme was Va-ani Kirvas Elokim Li Tov, highlighting tefillah as a most powerful tool in connecting with Hashem. A guest appearance by featured speaker Rabbi Nechemia Gramma of Lakewood, an illuminating panel discussion about the particular Yom Kippur tefillos that strike special cords with our panelists, an inspiring musical presentation, stimulating workshops, and a beautiful, moving, program ending kumzitz rounded out a precious, unforgettable event.
Programming has proceeded unabated, starting with a lively, opening G.O. breakfast and continuing with colorful and exciting G.O., Discovery, and Gmach Breakouts and programs. Thank you to the heads for your creativity, exquisite stage decorations, and spirited presentations!
A snag delayed one of the contracted buses in its trip to the G.O. Roller Skating opening activity. In the words of a teacher chaperone, the students reacted to the engine trouble and delay with their trademark grace, showing patience and calm, singing through the problem, despite having to miss some of their fun time at the rink. We are all impressed and proud, but not the least bit surprised!
Another year, another Commended Scholar in the national PSAT National Merit Scholarship competition! Congratulations to Aliza Abrams on your great performance and on this distinction, conferred on only a small percentage of test-takers. Keep up the great work!
Faculty orientation meetings are meant to provide the staff with opportunities for professional development, orientation regarding school procedures, and a warm, social start to the school year. This year’s meeting provided all this and more. We had not had an opportunity to bid a proper farewell to Mrs. Hadassah Flamm when she retired from her teaching career at the end of school year 5780, 2019/20. The teachers’ meeting presented an ideal opportunity for us to recognize this beloved educator, who was a mainstay in our high school for decades. The event included Mrs. Flamm’s family and was capped with a poignant, uplifting message from Mrs. Flamm, as she impressed on all of us, through personal examples, the power of a pedagogue to make lifelong impressions on those under one’s charge. The event was truly memorable and just the right dose of inspiration to help our faculty start off a new school year. 
Recognizing the challenge of helping every student to feel noticed, thought about, and recognized in our large school, the high school has introduced grade-wide programming, aside from the standard programming that has included the entire school. A modest Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan lunch brought each grade together for conversation and refreshments; each grade is slated to have a special Melave Malka program later in the year.
Gmach is off to a great start, with programs old and new and more than 200 girls signed up thus far for participation in the various chessed opportunities. Some of these activities were initiated during COVID as ways to help others, even against the backdrop of COVID restrictions. Gmach is excited to help Bais Yaakov restart its Chai Lifeline connection, with thirty students having eagerly stepped forward to be paired with homes receiving Chai Lifeline services. We look forward to a dynamic Gmach year that will sponsor both tried and fresh, innovative programs.
The clock is ticking, anticipation is building and all eyes are focused on Shabbos Kodesh Parshas Toldos for our one-of-a-kind Vehoer program. The Friday night get-together two years ago met with reviews as sensational as those for any high school program we’ve conducted over the years. The ruach was magical and everyone came away on a major high. We are sure that this year’s event will be no less exciting, inspiring, and fun-filled. Thank you in advance to all the parents who are volunteering to help with walking groups! We are looking forward.
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Alumnae Pre-Chanukah Shiur
With Mrs. Orah Buehler

Sponsored In Memory of
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By The Class of 1999
October 28/ 22 Cheshvan
L'zchus Refuah Sheleimah
Ahuva Tikvah bas Chava Shifra

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October 27/ 21 Cheshvan
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Bracha Bassheva Singer Barenbaum A"H

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Chaim and Malky Wecker
Moish and Tzipora Plotnik
October 26/ 20 Cheshvan
L'zchus Refuah Sheleimah
Rabbi Dovid Herman

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Shmuel and Malkie Markovitz and Family
October 25/ 19 Cheshvan
In Memory of
Laurence Katz A"H

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His wife Gail and his daughter Sarah
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