13 Elul 5779 | September 12, 2019
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Upper Elementary
Parshas Ki Seitzei
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The front of our Rabbi Mendel D. Freedman Elementary Building received an upgrade this summer. We now have a new façade to welcome all parents, students and faculty. Thanks to a federal grant we were able to install glass panels and doors making our entranceway more secure, visible and welcoming! Please come visit!  
The beginning of school was exciting. This year brings with it the promise of new opportunities and hands on involvement with each child and their parents. 
With the summer sun shining on their young faces, our new preschoolers arrived at the Park Heights campus with excitement, a little trepidation and loads of anticipation for the new school year. Our Preschool moros welcomed them and settled them into their routines. How exciting it was to see our former Nursery students arrive for Kindergarten in their uniforms!  The halls were buzzing with songs introducing Rosh Hashana and our first letter, Aleph !
After the initial acclimation week, the Preschoolers are so excited to welcome our special activities and their instructors. Gym, Music, Art, Storytime and Social Skills were woven into their days, creating even more learning opportunities and models of creative expression. We are so fortunate to have dedicated staff members who bring our rich early childhood curriculum to life.
We had the opportunity to welcome parents into school to meet their daughters’ teachers. Rabbi Shmuel Silber addressed the parents about “being the people - we want our children to become.” Click here to enjoy his presentation. Our faculty had the zechus to hear from Mrs. Leah Trenk , Rabbi Yosef Berger and Rabbi Shragi Neuberger about the importance of never giving up on any child.
A wonderful new addition to our playground this year is the “Buddy Bench.” A Buddy Bench is a place where students can sit if they can not find someone to play with. When noticing a girl sitting on the Buddy Bench, students are encouraged to approach her and invite her to play with them. We have a number of these colorful benches throughout the playground. Our hope is that these benches will afford the girls a lovely way to make new friends as well as promote greater empathy and kindness.
As the Nursery girls begin learning the Aleph Beis we host our annual " Ima " day to register all the girls’ and their dolls into Bais Yaakov. Our girls learned that the word  Ima  starts and ends with the letter  Aleph . It was fun to hear the clickety-clack of their  Ima  shoes and to see them sporting tichels or sheitels ! Each girl received her “Welcome to Bais Yaakov Card” and had it stamped. 

We are excited to welcome back the JEWELS students who are integrating with our Second and Third Grade classes. A special note of appreciation to Rabbi Yisroel Fuchs , Mrs. Shuli Bamberger , Mrs. Malki Lehrfield and Mrs. Gila Fixler of JEWELS for making this a reality. We are expanding on last year’s successes and enriching our program. These students are integrated for parsha , projects and programs. This is a partnership that will help these girls continue to thrive in the months and years to come.

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September 10/ 10 Elul
לזכר נשמת
חי' פיגא בת דוב בער ע"ה
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September 9/ 9 Elul
לזכות רפואה שלמה
' אלישבע חיה בת לאה תחי
Elisheva Chaya bas Leah

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September 4/ 4 Elul
לזכות רפואה שלמה
' לרחל בתיה בת חנה לאה חיה   תחי
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