25 Kislev 5781 | December 10, 2020
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High School
Parshas Vayeishev

Wishing you and your families a happy
and lichtigen Chanuka
As successful as High School Exhibits have been in years past, we have consistently sought ways to improve on an already exceptional program. This year’s Exhibit PowerPoints represent a way in which Exhibit 2021/5781 includes a dimension not present in previous exhibit programs.

In order to ensure that Exhibit is a true learning experience for all students, each room has been preparing a PowerPoint presentation, which highlights the central features relating to that Exhibit room. These will be shown to every class in the school! As part of the research and preparations for the rooms and these productions, every pair of room heads has spent months studying the history, biographies, maps, and other information that are relevant to the region covered by the respective room. Aside from classroom showings, the PowerPoints will also be accessible for viewing upstairs in the school lobby.

Thank you room heads and all your able assistants for adding this rich dimension to Exhibit 2021/5781!
Our theme for Mishmeres this year is, It's About Time, "Watch" Your Words. We are trying to use each moment properly, and make sure our words are chosen carefully. Our days are full of small movements. We have the opportunity to use our speech correctly, and its full potential. Shmiras Halashon, watching our speech, teaches us the value of a moment and improves us and our relationships.

Mishmeres encourages everyone to take part in the program. Students will learn one page daily from the Shmiras Halashon booklet during a mask break, or at any time that is convenient. Every day students will check off a box on their Mishmeres calendars. There will be a weekly raffle, as well as an Erev Shabbos treat for those who participate.

Families choose different times throughout the school year to show hakaras hatov, appreciation, to our daughters’ moros and teachers for the incredible work they do on behalf of our girls. To make it easier for those who would like to participate in a Chanuka group gift, we are including the link to the online forms below.

  • The Middle School deadline is Tuesday, December 15th.
  • The High School deadline is Tuesday, December 15th*.

*Please note this is the correct date.
Dec 10 Chanuka (MS and HS Early Dismissal)

Dec 11 - 14 Chanuka Recess (School Closed)

Dec 15 - 17 Chanuka
(MS and HS Early Dismissal)

Dec 25 Asara B'teves (ES Regular Sessions,
MS and HS School Closed)
Nov 23/ 7 Kislev

In Memory of
Mrs. Hannah Storch A"H
An Extraordinary Person and Role Model

Sponsored by
Mrs. Sondra Willner
Michelle and Alan Willner
Nov 23/ 7 Kislev

L'zchus Refuah Shleimah
Tzvi Zavel ben Chana Gittel Devasha

Sponsored by
Shimon and Miriam Segelman and Family
To sponsor a day of Davening & Learning, or contact Rabbi Gross at 443-548-7700 ext. 511 or ragross@baisyaakov.net for more information.