22 Adar Sheni 5782 | March 24, 2022
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Upper Elementary

Parshas Shemini
Every seventh year, Klal Yisroel in Eretz Yisroel observes the special mitzvah of Shmittah. During the year of Shmittah, farmers do not work the land and spend time becoming closer to Hashem. This year of 5782 is a Shmittah year. To help the girls connect with this special mitzvah that impacts every Jew in Eretz Yisroel, each class in the Upper Elementary prepared a song, dance or motions, and an exhibit explaining various details of the year. The topics included farmers learning Torah, having particular garbage cans to collect left-over food that has kedusha and stories of farmers’ sacrifice which resulted in special protection from Hashem on their fields and produce. The Preschool and Lower Elementary were invited to explore the exhibits and watch the creative performances.
This month the Fourth Grade reading group classes explored a unit on the Titanic. Mrs. Yehudis Bamberger, Miss Basi Lerner, Miss Chaya Baila Tesser, and Miss Chomi Bernstein facilitated an art lesson connecting the language skills the girls learned from the story. Each girl created a word-art design of the Titanic out of the vocabulary words.
As we continue through the year, the most incredible celebrations continue to be those marking the completion of a parsha of Chumash. How sweet it is to understand and know another part of the Torah. This past month the Third Grade completed Parshas Vayera, and the Fourth Grade completed Parshas Vayeshev. It is simply amazing to consider the creativity of each morah and student in this celebration. They create games, skits, songs, and posters that build associations and long-lasting memories of the concepts they learned. We wish all the girls Mazal Tov on their accomplishments and look forward to their learning the next parshiyos in Sefer Bereishis.
Purim was undoubtedly in the air during Adar Sheini. We began the month with the Fourth Grade transforming their hall into a farm complete with cows on every door and a fun change in the school bells from their typical ring to a rendition of Old Macdonald. Before Purim, Mrs. Ruchama Landa led a glow-in-the-dark dance activity. Our auditorium was transformed into a glow-in-the-dark room of moving colors and neon lights. The festivities continued when Rabbi Sanders and Rabbi Stein made an appearance as Shabsie the Farmer and his friend Moshe Chaim Donald, "Old MacDonald," who learned about the mitzva of Shmittah in an entertaining way!
Morah Ruchie Rubin's Fourth Grade class performed a Purim play in Hebrew for the entire Elementary School. The girls repeated their performance for their mothers, who had much nachas from them! Their play included the full Purim story and was enjoyed by all!
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