27 Elul 5779 | September 26, 2019
Bais Yaakov e-Newsletter
Middle School
Parshas Nitzavim
The new school year welcomed many new smiling faces to the Rabbi Benjamin Steinberg Middle School blending seamlessly with the seasoned Middle School crew. Walking the halls, the enthusiasm and excitement of learning is palpable. Fueling this feeling are the stimulating bulletin boards dispersed throughout the hallways and in the classrooms. Take a look around to see these incredible and creative works of art.
Bais Yaakov Middle School is “Going Global” with G.O. Pack your bags and hop along on the journey as we tour a different destination with each activity. The first stop was Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park where students came together displaying ruach and achdus while picking up new friends along the way. Some of our teachers even added to the excitement by joining the girls as they bounced through the air. We can’t wait to see what G.O. has in store for us next.
GEMACH 20/20
All “eyes” are on Gemach “20/20” as they “focus” on this year’s mission of instilling chessed and middos tovos into our girls both in school at home. “See” for yourself the impact of Gemach programming which manifests in so many ways. We kicked off the year with our “see something, say something” initiative which encourages everyone to be on the lookout for the chessed the girls are doing around school. The response has been overwhelming; with heartwarming descriptive notes pouring in.
We are also very proud of our 20 Menucha volunteers who give up their precious time each Sunday to run “Sunday Funday” for the special children that benefit from Menucha. The girls volunteer on a rotation to make sure that every Sunday is full of fun! What a great way to do chessed !
One of the highlights of a Bais Yaakov Middle School education is learning the magnificent messages found in each parshah from our principal, Rabbi Naftoli Hexte r. Rabbi Hexter’s inspiring aphorisms are remembered by his students long after they graduate from Bais Yaakov, and create a roadmap of Torah hashkafa for them to live by.

We wish a tremendous mazal tov and yasher koach to Rabbi Hexter for publishing Magnificent Messages (Israel Bookshop Publications) and making his inspirational parsha lessons available to the greater Torah world. 
A warm welcome to Mrs. Chani Meyerowitz, LCSW , who joined the Middle School staff this year as a social worker working with the 5th and 6th Grades . We look forward to Mrs. Meyerowitz’s involvement with the students and the teachers and wish her much hatzlacha in her new role at Bais Yaakov.
We are delighted that the new Middle School sweatshirts are now available on the Lands’ End website. The new sweatshirts have received positive reviews and we are pleased that we are able to offer our students this warmer option.

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Oct 2 Tzom Gedaliah
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Oct 11 Succos Recess (School Closed)
Oct 23 School Resumes
September 23/ 23 Elul
לזכות רפואה שלמה
לאברהם בן שרה נ"י
'ולאריאלה בת אהובה תחי

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