26 Shevat 5782 | January 27, 2022
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Parshas Mishpatim
Months of toil, and this year what could even be described as “blood, sweat and tears,” resulted in what will be long remembered as one of the most exciting, moving, and professional productions in the history of our school. The powerful story of an assimilated, intermarried family living through the upheaval of Dreyfus era France, and its effects on Jewish-gentile relations, had a mesmerizing effect on the audience, as the story was brought to life with professional level dramatics, song, and dance. Extraordinarily beautiful costuming and artwork, as well as outstanding props, all enhanced by superb light and sound effects, added immeasurably to the overall audience experience.

The talent of our high school students was matched by their energy and exuberance. The story so poignantly depicted the nitzchiyus (eternal power) of Klal Yisroel, which was on display also in the simcha and supreme harmony so evident on the stage. The sight of the Grand Finale, where hundreds of joyous bnos Torah filled the stage and connected with the audience, was enough to inject pride and optimism into every Jewish heart present. The audience was euphoric as they exited the theater, appreciating anew the ruach and supreme gifts of our children. Thank you to our Directors, Mrs. Devora Krakauer and Mrs. Sima Goldstein, Assistant Director Miss Shana Weiss, and Drama Director, Mrs. Chanie Hendler. A very special expression of thanks to our patrons, Blue Ocean and Northwest Refuse Service, who generously supplied the venue, as an expression of their appreciation to Bais Yaakov for its role in educating the children of our community. Thank you to our devoted and gifted faculty advisors, without whom the show would have never taken form. Finally, thank you to the parents, who so kindly and patiently bore the ups and downs relating to the date and venue changes. We must all be grateful to have once again experienced the extra kindness with which Hashem graces our beloved school.
As the Twelfth Grade Chayei Mishpacha series comes to a close, we look back with great satisfaction at the variety of talks offered and the receptivity of our Twelfth Graders to the classes. The list of special guests included Rav Yaakov Hopfer, Rav Shrage Neuberger, Rav Pinchas Gross, Rabbi Dovid Lefkovitz, Rabbi Dovid Schwartz, Rabbi Effie Flamm, Mrs. Sora Mindy Cook, Rebbetzin Leah Feldman, Mrs. Jaclyn Sova and Mrs. Yehudis Hexter, as well as some of our own faculty. Topics included “(Dis)connecting in our Relationships,” “Skills for Life,” “Shalom Bayis” and many others. Thank you to all the presenters and to the students, who so eagerly engaged each of the speakers. 
The Twelfth Grade also deserves credit for the highest percentage ever of students who signed up for TTT’s - The Taciturn Team. This year’s group, representing approximately 90% of the grade, accepted upon themselves to refrain from discussing seminary in school, so that school should be a “safe” haven, where preoccupation and tensions relating to seminary acceptances could be by and large avoided for the senior year. Thank you TTT’s for this proactive expression of “nosei b’ole im chaveiro,” consideration for others.
Aside from regular club activities and school wide assemblies, a special assembly took place to mark the passing of Rebbetzin Tema Kamenetsky A”H. A video of one of the hespeidim (eulogies) was presented and students heard about the Rebbetzin’s qualities, including how consistent she was in avoiding speaking of others. We hope to have a guest family member speak in the near future and provide an intimate look at the life of this unforgettable “eishes chayil”.
Joining other Bais Yaakov high schools across the country, Eleventh Graders Sara Librowicz and Hudi Sandhaus introduced the Simchas Sara program to all grades. Our students are asked to daven for those seeking shidduchim and/or for couples not yet blessed with children. Simcha information about those davened for is later relayed to the students. The program was initiated by Rabbi Chaim Aryeh Zev Ginsburg in memory of his daughter and is endorsed by Rav Elya Brudny shlit”a
“Thanks for bringing them to North Carroll. The way they talk to each other, respect one another, brought me to tears. It made me believe in kindness and humanity again. I usually go home after a day’s work stressed out. The night they came for the practice- that night I felt at peace…”

-An employee at North Carroll High School, commenting to Blue Ocean after the first Bais Yaakov rehearsal there.
Bais Yaakov Technology Parent and Faculty Evening with Dr. Dovid Lieberman

Monday, January 31

High School M. Leo Storch Auditorium
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1/31 - Technology Evening


The Real Simcha of Adar
Mrs. Shifra Rabenstein

February 21, 2022
8:15 Soup and Sushi Bar
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Jan 24/ 22 Shevat

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Jan 21/ 19 Shevat

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