8 Tammuz 5781 | June 18, 2021
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Parshas Chukas
This past Sunday evening the elementary school bid adieu to numerous teachers who contributed much to the lives of hundreds of our students over the past three decades. We acknowledged the contributions of Mrs. Debi Alper, Mrs. Shulamit Gartenhaus, Mrs. Barbara Horowitz, Mrs. Batya Kahn, and Mrs. Ashira Mirsky. It was an elegant setting with great food that set the ambiance. Numerous retired faculty members joined us, as well as family and friends of the outgoing faculty to give tribute to the outstanding service rendered by these five women. As one of them said, "It is really difficult to put into words just how much Bais Yaakov means to me, but at least now you have a glimmer into my heart."
The preschool end-of-year activities ushered in a return of parents back into the building. We were able to acknowledge the importance of parents in the educational process for the very first time since Covid began. The pictures are evidence of the combined nachas we all had in seeing our youngest thrive, notwithstanding the challenges of the past year. 
It is an annual tradition for our Kindergarten students to visit First Grade and experience firsthand what it will feel like to sit at their own desk and learn in First Grade. In the interim, the first graders take a journey down memory lane and enjoy returning to kindergarten and reminiscing about their past and their kindergarten teachers.
Recently, the Second Grade enjoyed an unbelievable kumzitz and Erev Shabbos experience on Thursday with Rebbetzin Lea Feldman. The Rebbetzin gave a bracha to each girl individually and underscored the importance of preparing for Shabbos while sharing a glimpse of Friday preparations in the Rosh Yeshiva's home.
Each student in First and Second Grade learned 18 ma'amarim (quotes) and songs from Pirkei Avos, which foster a lifelong awareness of the value of derech eretz and the value of this particular resource for learning about middos tovos. Each student had an opportunity to create their own cup, which celebrated this accomplishment.
From Pesach to Shavuos, Klal Yisroel has the custom to review one chapter of Pirkei Avos each week to improve on middos and learn these valuable lessons of Torah ethics. In Bais Yaakov, the girls know and memorize these valuable lessons and review them to earn entry into a fun end-of-year activity for each grade recognizing their accomplishments and mastery of knowledge of these ideals.
Reading Book Club
The Fourth Grade reading group teachers stimulate the girls to develop a lifelong love for reading by promoting participation in their book club throughout the year. Members of the club must read five books and complete a write-up on the books read. The girls enjoyed a fabulous celebration during the final week of school and are committed to reading throughout the summer!
After spending the entire year learning and understanding the Shmona Esrei, the Third Grade classes joined together to daven as one whole grade in our auditorium. The singing and tefillos were an inspiring Kiddush Hashem. Mrs. Michal Tessler spoke about how Hashem listens to the tefillos of each girl. Rabbi Stein also shared a story about the importance of articulating every word clearly and how we continue to grow in our understanding of tefillos each day. 
Sunday, June 13th was a day to remember as the 4th Grade joined together with their mothers in the M. Leo Storch Auditorium to celebrate their completion of Sefer Bereishis and end their time in Elementary School. Due to COVID, we split into two groups and had the zchus to hear divrei bracha from Rabbi Shraga Herskowitz and Rabbi Yosef Berger. Each participant received a gorgeous take-home bag with a Krias Shma Al Hamitta. It was a lovely event that inspired all who attended to appreciate our teachers' passion for our talmidos and the students' love for Bais Yaakov.
The Third Grade classes studied weather patterns and asked many good questions about what they were learning. Who better to answer these questions than our community's meteorologist, Mr. Bill Lerner! He came to the school and shared his knowledge of weather and weather-related emergencies, answering the girls' questions and sharing his knowledge and humor. We now know what to do in case of thunderstorms, heavy rains, and even tornadoes! We thank Mr. and Mrs. Lerner for coming out to share their time and expertise with our students.
As the girls in Third Grade learned and were tested on each Parsha, they earned Parsha Dollars to purchase prizes at the Parsha prize store. Additionally, Morah Judy Stein's class 3D had their annual Amen Gem activity. Whenever a girl made a bracha out loud from Pesach to Shavuos, they earned a unique diamond “gem” that would be used in the creation of a long chain to be hug in the school’s halls. 
The Middle School feels very fortunate to have had the opportunity to send students on a grade-wide trip. The Fifth and Sixth Grades had a bouncing fun time at Sky Zone. The Seventh and Eighth Grades traveled to Virginia where they climbed at Summit Ropes, the largest indoor ropes course in the U.S. The 8th Grade was then treated to a deluxe barbeque sponsored by the PTA in a beautiful nearby park. 
The Middle School said goodbye to another Eighth Grade class as they move onto the High School next year, in a resplendent soiree that truly reflected the mixed emotions of the evening. The evening was complete with a special guest speaker, Rabbi Shraga Freedman, student speakers, and an all-star cast in the annual soiree teacher presentation. The impression left by this grade will be profound as each girl gave it her all despite the many challenges that arose this year. The ruach and comradery they displayed was second to none. 
Both the lower and upper divisions of the Middle School gathered to hear divrei bracha from our esteemed principal, Rabbi Naftoli Hexter.

The Lower Middle School then returned to their classroom for a class party in lieu of our usual ‘kiddush’ where they celebrated together and decorated mirrors reflecting on this past year. The Upper Middle School gathered in the gym for spirited dancing and a cotton candy and popcorn package.

The teachers also had their annual end-of-year teacher’s luncheon where they bade farewell to those moving on and celebrated teachers who have been in Bais Yaakov for the last five years. We must make special mention of our beloved librarian, Mrs. Chaya Statman, who ran our library with love and devotion for the last 27 years. We wish her well as she makes aliya this summer.
After 27 years in Bais Yaakov Middle School, Rabbi Naftoli Hexter, our esteemed principal is leaving his place at the helm. Last night the Middle School faculty gathered in tribute to Rabbi Hexter and his tenure in Bais Yaakov. Rabbi Aaron Gross, Director of Development, was the master of ceremonies. He introduced a line up speakers including Mrs. Naomi Tendler, Bais Yaakov alumnus, class of 2000, who shared her memories as a talmida. She was followed by Dr. Yoel Jakobovitz, Chair of the Vaad HaChinuch, Rabbi Shlomo Spetner, Past-President, and Mrs. Nusy Lefkovitz, a veteran teacher. Each shared personal stories and Divrei Bracha. Mr. Moshe Dov Shurin, President, presented Rabbi Hexter with a personalized memory book, a beautiful compilation of gratitude and memories from hundreds of former students and staff, and a parting gift. Rabbi Hexter then took the audience on a trip down memory lane reminiscing about his years in chinuch. The evening ended with a magnificent tribute video from the faculty, principals, and administrators ofBais Yaakov. We would like to thank Rabbi Hexter for his tireless dedication to Bais Yaakov Middle School and wish him and Mrs. Hexter bracha and hatzlocha as they embark on the next chapter in their lives. A special thank you to Mrs. Rochelle Goldberg for organizing this spectacular event. 
June 16/ 6 Tammuz

Shehecheyanu V'kiy'manu
V'higianu Laz'man Hazeh

With much appreciation to HKB"H, the
Hanhala, Moros, Teachers, and staff.

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Shimon and Sarah Devorah Kerzner
June 16/ 6 Tammuz

In honor of our esteemed
Rabbi Sanders,
for all he does for the teachers of the
Lower Elementary School.
Thank you for all of your support. May you always have continued bracha and hatzlacha in your avodas hakodesh.

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The Lower Elementary School Moros
June 15/ 5 Tammuz

In honor of Rabbi Stein,
Mrs. Stein, Mrs. Goldstein, and
Mrs. Bohbot for a wonderful year.

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June 14/ 4 Tammuz

In Memory of
Issamar Mandel ben Shmuel Alter A"H
and L'zchus Simchos in the Family.

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June 14/ 4 Tammuz

In Memory of
Sara Basha Bas Leibel
Mrs. Susan Lerner A"H

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