10 Teves 5781 | December 24, 2020
Bais Yaakov e-Newsletter
Lower Elementary
Parshas Vayigash

We loved our Chanukah Science Programs, taught by Mrs. Shaina Segal. The Kindergarten learned all about the different properties of liquids, including water and oil. This was so timely as we learned about the pure olive oil of the Chanukah miracle. Due to Covid, the program was staged in the auditorium multiple times to enable social distancing. Both moros and talmidos were riveted to the exciting presentation.
In honor of Chanukah, Mrs. Rachel Sagal led the girls through gentle movement exercises based on a Chanukah story, transforming an olive into olive oil. It was a relaxing activity on a snowy day!
Morah Esti Greenstein and Morah Debbie Kessler treated our talmidos to a Chanukah puppet show. The girls enjoyed watching the puppets teach about Chanukah and sang along to all their favorite Chanukah songs. This year, due to Covid, the puppet show was pre-recorded and was shown on video in each preschool class.
There were many varied activities over Chanukah week to inculcate a sense of ruach within Bais Yaakov Elementary. Our talmidos had many classroom activities such as making dreidel decorations, eating latkes, and finding the "Hidden Chanukah oil"! Girls were able to sing and dance or light candles within their classrooms, while others played educational games. All the grades created lovely projects. A special "Thank You" to the PTA for providing both regular and gluten-free donuts so that every talmidah enjoyed the festive Chanukah ruach. The Second Grade enjoyed a grade-wide pre-recorded video, which played simultaneously in all the individual classrooms with the doors open so the students could sing along and hear the other classes joining together in unison.
We have encouraged Preschool and Lower Elementary teachers to walk outdoors with their classes for additional physical exercise no matter the weather - rain, snow or shine! Special kudos to Mrs. Rachelle Tajerstein for spearheading the drive to purchase our transparent umbrellas!
We completed the First Grade Brachos Unit replete with songs, and projects, and lessons with references to all 6 brachos (Hamotzi, Mezonos, Hagofen, Ho'eitz, Ho'adama, Shehakol)! We baked challah, decorated cookies, made necklaces for the Shabbos wine bottle, created apple bracelets, popped popcorn, and dipped marshmallows into melted chocolate! Yum!! We also learned about the benefits of pronouncing brachos clearly, out loud, and answering amein. The brachos unit culminated with an exciting activity creating "Bracha Aprons".
The "Tootle" program, created by Mrs. Rivky Anisfeld and adopted by Miss Shevie Mellman, teaches our Second Graders to focus on noticing positive actions that their peers do for one another! It is introduced with a catchy song and entails girls writing on "Tootle notes" when observing other girls in the class performing kind actions. The "Tootle" notes are then read to the class to highlight these meaningful actions and stress Middos Tovos!
This year, due to the fast-falling on Friday Erev Shabbos, the girls in first grade have had an opportunity to learn about Yerushalayim and the Bais Hamikdash and underscore their connection to Eretz Yisrael. Please enjoy these pictures!
Gmach is initiating a collaborative student effort between Bais Yaakov High School and Lower Elementary students. The high school volunteers will be reading preselected stories together with Second Grade students to strengthen decoding and comprehension skills. They will also provide homework assistance to individual students. This will benefit parents to ensure that homework is completed on an ongoing basis. A newsletter, entitled "Kidz Newz", created by our high school students Shayna Rothstein, Rachel Yasnyi, and Eta Miller will be the kickoff activity to bring these two groups of students together.

We look forward to creating a unique bond between our Gmach volunteers and your daughters.  Special kudos to Gmach advisors, Mrs. Malka Zweig and Mrs. Zehava Lefkovitz, for spearheading this dynamic program. Enjoy the Newsletter!
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