3 Sivan 5781 | May 13, 2021
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Lower Elementary
Parshas Bamidbar
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Every year there are a variety of indoor and outdoor activities that we stage to honor Lag Ba'Omer. All of our students have an opportunity to learn how the Jewish People found creative ways to study Torah even when challenging. The excitement was palpable as the First Grade girls went outside for a scavenger hunt with their newly decorated sun visors on a magnificent sunny day, our Second Grade ran relay races indoors, and our Pre-Nursery and Nursery classes enjoyed a fun and energetic moon bounce activity on a moon bounce obstacle course set up in the back of the building. A wonderful time was had by all!

Two beautiful days just before Lag Ba'Omer our Preschool went to the Maryland Zoo to see all the different types of animals. The girls saw many animals and made a Kiddush Hashem as Zoo members commented on how beautifully they kept on their masks, following zoo rules. A special thanks to the PTA for sponsoring our trip! We thank all the parent chaperones who joined us for a glorious excursion.
Our Preschool students have been learning all about spring. Many classes have planted seeds in soil to see what happens with exposure to sunlight and water. Our resident gardener, Morah Miriam Trout, helped many of the classes plant marigolds, pansies, and other vegetables. We are curious to see what will happen next!
Every year all of our students in Kindergarten through 4 Grade learn the A, B, C, and Ds of safety through the Magen Yeladim International Safety Kid program. This year our Nursery classes have joined and are learning the safety rules with Morah Etty Wolf. The girls learn how to Ask for Help, Bring a Friend, Check First, and Do Tell. They know that safety is the number one priority!
Last week, our First Grade students had a whirlwind of activity in preparation for receiving their very first Chumashim, as they visited five different community shuls to learn about what a Sefer Torah is. Rabbi Menachem Goldberger, Rabbi Dovid Katz, Rabbi Shlomo Naiman, Rabbi Binyamin Marwick, and Rabbi Jonathan Seidemann opened their shuls and provided a memorable experience for our girlsOur talmidos learned so much about the beauty of honoring the Beis HaKnesses and kedushas Sefer Torah.
To inaugurate their learning of Hashem's Torah in advance of Kabbolas HaTorah, our First Grade students recently received their first Chumashim, as Rabbi Sanders presented each student with her very own Chumash containing Parshiyos Bereishis and Noach. We explained and compared the five Chumashim to an actual small Sefer Torah, teaching the girls that their Chumashim contain the very same words found in the Sifrei Torah they saw at the various shuls. The girls had a picture of themselves taken, wearing a crown with "Bereishis" emblazoned on the top.

As our girls continue to read and use a Siddur, they have progressed beautifully to begin learning the pesukim in our Torah. Each class presented a song on stage expressing their Simchas HaTorah and enjoyed a delicious brunch in honor of the occasion!
Here is a sampling of the different projects which the moros have designed to beautify your home for the upcoming Yom Tov! Please look at the attached flower bulletin board lichvod Yom Tov. Mrs. Rochel Devoiry Hill had each girl in her class select a particular, unique mitzvah that she will strive to focus on. 
Our Second Grade students created a Mother's Day gift to express their appreciation and loving sentiments for the many kindnesses which their mothers perform on their behalf. The girls wrote a beautiful note on "shrinky dinks," which were baked and made into key chains. This activity was an enjoyable writing assignment coupled with a fun activity. Enjoy the keychains!
Mrs. Chaya Bracha Waldbaum's challenged her 2E students to focus on brachos between Pesach and Shavuos to enrich their mitzvah observance. Ultimately, the girls filled out their charts with over 2000 brachos! In their honor, Mrs. Waldbaum hosted a beautiful “brachos barbecue” at her home on Lag Ba'Omer. Our students in Mrs. Barbara Horowitz's 2E class recently hosted Mr. Yosef Ifrah, whose daughter, Deena Bracha, is in the class. For the past number of years, Mr. Ifrah has been hatching chicks at home and bringing them for our second-grade students to see what they look like and how they feel. It was an exciting afternoon for the girls to touch these tiny, cute, and fuzzy birds!
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