4 Iyar 5781 | April 15, 2021
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Lower Elementary School
Parshas Tazria-Metzora

Limited Spots Still Available!
The school leadership has approved a final plan to build a new, state-of-the-art, playground and expand it with an additional black-top area for recreational activities. We are very excited and appreciative of this new resource for our Preschool and First Grade. The installation will be complete for the new academic school year.

We express our gratitude to the numerous donors who jump-started this initiative. In addition, we would like to express our hakaras hatov to Morah Esti Greenstein and her husband for being the very first donors to help transform this dream into reality. We wish the Greensteins a heartfelt farewell as they make aliyah to Eretz Yisroel
It is an annual tradition to enrich every girl’s Pesach night experience by having Haggados and projects that stimulate their excitement over Seder. Each morah takes great pride in providing her class with something to take home and cherish. From a young age, Bais Yaakov helps to create many wonderful memories for each girl, which will enhance their “Seder Experience” for many years to come. 
Each First Grader brought home an exciting Kriah assignment. We are so proud of the many first graders who completed the assignment over their Pesach vacation. Mrs. Liora Rosen, our Limudei Kodesh Coordinator, offered colored notepads to encourage the girls to continue mastering their skills while they climbed the "Kriah Ladder" one rung at a time. Kudos to our first grade readers!
Our Second Grade language arts curriculum incorporates a unit on Poetry. This unit builds literacy skills such as rhyme, rhythm, and sound while encouraging students to play with language and words. Poetry gives students an outlet for sharing their thoughts, ideas, and feelings while developing their memory and brainpower! Finally, it allows children to learn language in a fun, creative, and engaging way.  
As part of our Nursery program, students receive individualized support from Morah Marcia Bitman with the alphabet. In recent years Morah Marcia has turned the nursery students’ art into a patchwork quilt for the classroom. The “quilt project” has become so successful that this year all five Nursery classes participated. Sewing the quilts with the children’s colorful and adorable artwork demonstrates Morah Marcia’s “labor of love.” Observing the children’s pride in their quilt as they wrap it around their dolls or even themselves makes this effort so valued and cherished! 
Morah Chaya Fraida Heinemann, a First Grade morah, brought in a real cow's leg for “Show and Tell” in honor of Hilchos Kashrus found in Parshas Shemini. She displayed what a split hoof looks like to all the classes and gave them a hands-on demonstration of how to tell the difference between the hooves of kosher and non-kosher animals. The girls were fascinated by this demonstration. 
April 30 - Lag BaOmer

May 17 - 18 - Shavous (School Closed)
May 31 - Memorial Day
(ES School Closed,
MS & HS Early Dismissal)
April 15/ 3 Iyar

In Memory of
Harav Aharon ben Harav Gedalyahu
Rav Aaron Felder ZT"L

Sponsored by
Avi and Sari Bernstein
April 12/ 30 Nisan

L’zchus Refuah Shleimah
Miriam bas Sarah Rochel

Sponsored by
Her Classmates and Friends
April 9/ 27 Nisan

In Memory of
Harav Nosson Tzvi ben Harav Moshe
Rabbi Dr. Nosson Tzvi Leiter Z"L

Sponsored by
Rabbi and Mrs. Moshe Frohlich
April 8/ 26 Nisan

In Memory of
R' Asher Zelig ben R' Tzvi
Mr. Stewart Pensak A"H

Sponsored by
The Pensak Family
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