25 Sivan 5782 | June 23, 2022
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Year-end Edition

Parshas Shlach
Wishing all of our families and staff a relaxing and rejuvenating summer.
We were so excited to conclude the Second Grade Reading Program for this year with our "Read Your Way to a Cookie Party!" The girls enjoyed a phenomenal Zoom presentation by Mrs. Bracha Goetz, a local noted children's author, who encouraged our students to think of ideas and capture them in writing. The girls had fun decorating their cookies with colored food paint. Their creativity was magnificent!

Our bulletin board in the Second Grade hallway is filled with over 650 cookies, one for each of the over 650 books read over the past few months! On average, each student read five books! Our reading program fostered increased fluency, accuracy and improved comprehension skills. Keep it up!
On June 12th, the Elementary School faculty joined together to bid adieu to our Limudei Kodesh Coordinator, Mrs. Liora Rosen, who has contributed so much to the lives of hundreds of our students over the past three decades. Over the years, Mrs. Rosen has created a love of Sefer Tehilim in hundreds of girls through her Malkas Tehilim program, motivating them to commit time and effort to experience the kedusha in davening using the words of Dovid Hamelech! In recognition of this beautiful program, all the attendees joined together to say the entire Sefer Tehilim. Mrs. Rosen completed the sefer by reciting the last perek.

Mr. Moshe Dov Shurin, Dr. Yoel Jakobovits, Rabbi Zalman Nissel and Rabbi Aaron Gross joined us, as well as Mrs. Rosen's family and friends paying tribute to her thirty years of outstanding service. The audience heard from Dr. Jakobovits, Rabbi Sanders, Rabbi Rosen and Mrs. Hoffman and enjoyed an inspiring video of many faculty members’ memories of the years. We look forward to having Mrs. Rosen return next year in the capacity of a Kriah Coordinator.
During the last weeks of school we had so many celebrations that it was a challenge to keep up with all the excitement! The Third Grade enjoyed a Pirkei Avos Auction. The Kriah Kandy Kart came around to each class allowing the girls to spend their Kriah Kash on fun prizes. Meteorologist Bill Lerner taught us about different types of weather. Together with a wonderful trip to Blandair Park, they ended their school year in a flurry of activity.

The Fourth Grade also went from one activity to another, including a book club celebration. The girls performed the annual Fourth Grade play, "Heading West" based on the story of Little House on the Prairie and presented many interesting facts they learned about life in America during the 1800s. They also enjoyed a pool party, Pirkei Avos Auction, and finished their Kriah Canteen spending. 
One highlight of the Fourth Grade's transition into the Middle School is celebrating the completion of Sefer Breishis. Mrs. Chaya Hoffman and a team of dedicated mothers transformed the High School's M. Leo Storch Auditorium into a dessert buffet with smoothies, fruit, and pastries for the students, their mothers, and grandmothers who joined us for this occasion. Rabbi Stein spoke about the beauty of the girls achieving this milestone with their mothers and grandmothers as it links directly to the chain of our mesorah. We were also fortunate to hear words of encouragement from Rabbi Tzvi Mordechai Feldheim, Rosh Mesivta of Yeshivas Kesser Torah. The girls put on an outstanding performance, singing songs they learned throughout the year, including the brachos of Yaakov and a special song thanking their mothers. 
The Fifth Grade excitedly welcomed the Fourth Grade to the first- ever 50 States Fair! The girls worked for weeks researching, writing and creating a display of their state in a creative way. These displays showcased the tremendous growth that the girls experienced over the year both in their writing as well as their ability to complete a project independently. Each girl was given a route to follow with a rest stop in each state. At each rest stop they were awarded a state seal as a memento of their visit. As a special finishing touch, each girl received a personalized license plate keychain, testifying that she visited all 50 states at the Middle School States Fair! Thank you to the PTA for sponsoring the delicious ice cream treats.
The Middle School wrapped up another fantastic year with creativity and enthusiasm. In the Lower Middle School, the Fifth Grade participated in a grade-wide siyum celebrating the completion of four parshios through the duration of the year. The students were privileged to hear from Rebbitzen Leah Feldman, who eloquently shared stories of her childhood conveying a strong message of appreciating Hashem's gifts. Additionally, the students created a magnetic gratitude board for their lockers to serve as a constant reminder of Hashem's goodness.

The Sixth Grade students participated in a Lamed Tes Culmination Celebration, recognizing all they learned and accomplished in Yahadus this year. The assembly included a display of the entire grade's Lamed Tes Melachos scrapbooks and included a scavenger hunt.

In the Upper Middle School, Gemach closed out the year with a softball game featuring an all-star lineup of teachers versus students. The Seventh Grade held gala siyumim prepared by their dedicated teachers to celebrate a wonderful year of learning. The Eight Grade enjoyed a magnificent soiree, wishing “Bon Voyage” to the Middle School after four fabulous years. Eight student representatives were asked to speak, each reminiscing about their being members of the first Middle School Fifth Grade class. The evening was a poignant end to these four years as highlighted by a hysterical teacher skit as well as an outstanding video produced by the yearbook staff. We wish the outgoing Eighth Grade much hatzlacha and bracha as they move on in their journey across the parking lot towards high school. 
MAZEL TOV CLASS OF 5782/2022 -
Aliza Abrams
Tali Alyeshmerni
Shira Alyeshmerni
Ahuva Bamberger
Bracha Barber
Shoshana Barer
Esther Belsky
Rivka Benyowitz
Raizy Brecher
Miriam Brody
Chayala Ciment
Rochel Leah Danziger
Yocheved Eichorn
Kayla Feder
Ruthy Feinstein
Malky Feldman
Naomi Felps
Adeena Malka Frand
Mindy Frankel
Gittel Friedman
Rivky Friedman
Yehudis Froehlich
Rachel Gholian
Leeba Gold
Leeba Meira Gold
Nechama Goldberger
Tehila Goldberger
Shifra Goldman
Sara Miri Goldman
Miri Goldstein
Sarah Goodman
Penina Green
Divi Green
Perri Greenwald
Aliza Gurvitz
Tehila Hakkakian
Leah Haor
Baila Hauptman
Shifra Helman
Huvi Hexter
Elisheva Hirschman
Rivka Baila Hoffman
Racheli Horowitz
Rochel Hyatt
Perri Hyatt
Chaya Jakobovits
Shima Katz
Chana Bayla Katz
Brocha Gitty Kinzer
Rachel Tova Klainberg
Yakira Klein
Faigy Klein
Leeba Knopf
Esther Aviva Kosman
Rikky Krakauer
Naomi Kreymer
Gitti Lefkovitz
Zahava Lehmann
Elana Lerner
Shoshana Lesnik
Sara Lowenthal
Perel Mael
Sara Marcovich
Chana Marwick
Chaya Malka Meisler
Shira Metzger
Eta Miller
Esther Nadler
Shifra Naiman
Chani Neuberger
Yehudis Neuberger
Alisa Passe
Basya Polsky
Leah Pretter
Rivkie Pretter
Hadassah Baila Rabenstein
Meira Reches
Sarale Reznitsky
Chava Riselsheimer
Chani Robinson
Shira Rosenberg
Rivka Rosenfeld
Shayna Rothstein
Zahava Sanders
Tova Sauer
Hadassah Sauer
Miriam Schoemann
Serach Schubert
Raizy Schuck
Chana Perel Segal
Malka Shane
Yael Sherman
Daniella Shoob
Chani Silberberg
Leah Skaist
Ayelet Sobol
Sara Leah Soloff
Esther Sondhelm
Laya Stein
Leah Steinberg
Miriam Stieglitz
Russi Strum
Malka Shira Trout
Raizy Volosov
Elisheva Wagner
Tamar Waldman
Elisheva Ward
Shira Wax
Adina Weg
Sarah Naomi Weiskind
Rina Weiss
Ahuva Weiss
Chaya Wilhelm
Rachel Yasnyi
Meira Zeiger
Avigayil Zelinger
Chaya Pessi Zuckerman
Ariella Zyskind
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