10 Kislev 5781 | November 26, 2020
Bais Yaakov e-Newsletter
Upper Elementary
Parshas Vayeitzei

The Third Grade class recently had an excellent opportunity to enjoy an art class with Morah Debby Weintraub. The girls learned to express themselves through colors and patterns and created lovely masterpieces. Many teachers observed a calming effect on the girls, and their learning became more focused.
Hebrew Reading is an essential foundation for our students' Limudei Kodesh, so we have many programs to encourage the students to read regularly. Our Third Graders earn dollars through the "Kriah Kash" program by practicing their Hebrew reading every day. Our Fourth Graders earn punches on their Kartis Kriah Cards each time they read. The “Kriah Canteen” opened for the first time last week, and the girls are enjoying the rewards of their hard work.
Our Fourth Grade reading groups are busy learning about sentence structure. The girls learned the rules of subjects and predicates and how to identify groups of words as fragments. The girls are enjoying practicing these skills through the many creative games their teachers have prepared.
While the weather is nice, we continue to enjoy going outside and having fun while social distancing during our recess period. Mrs. Rachell Tajerstein, our elementary guidance counselor, arranged for umbrellas to be purchased, allowing the girls to walk around the campus, rain or shine!
Many classes recently held various mock elections, including a mock vote for government officials. After learning about the electoral college and election process, Mrs. Ashiras Mirsky's classes held an election in which the girls had the opportunity to vote for President. Everyone received a special sticker and was entered into a raffle with prizes for memorizing the United States' first five presidents.
Nov 26 Thanksgiving Vacation
(School Closed)

Dec 1 Alumnae Shiur with Mrs. Bienstock

Dec 10 Chanukah (MS and HS Early Dismissal)

Dec 11 - 14 Chanukah Recess (School Closed)

Dec 15 - 17 Chanukah
(MS and HS Early Dismissal)

Dec 25 Asara B'teves (Regular Sessions)
Nov 23/ 7 Kislev

In Memory of
Mrs. Shari Siman-Tov A"H

Sponsored by
Max and Rachel Chaya Ganz and Family
Nov 23/ 7 Kislev

In Memory of Our Dear Mother
Mrs. Hannah Storch A"H

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The Storch, Spetner and Bregin-Gross Families
Nov 20/ 4 Kislev

In Memory of
Ms. Miriam Warnick A"H

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Yehuda and Shoshanah Fishkind and Family
Nov 20/ 4 Kislev

In Memory of
Mrs. Miriam Dollman A"H

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Hadassah and Mordechai Bennett
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