18 Sivan 5782 | June 16, 2022
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Parshas Beha'aloscha
Bais Yaakov walked away with four (!) trophies at the recent CIJE (Center for Initiatives in Jewish Education) National Competition. With a total of 400 projects offered in thirteen categories by approximately 1000 students, our STEM teams walked away with one first place, one second place, and one third place finish! In addition, we received the Exemplary Pitch Award. Every Bais Yaakov project was either a winner or a finalist!

Thank you to the unbeatable team of Mrs. Sarena Schwartz and Mrs. Ora Attar for guiding our classes in these great projects! Click here for further exciting details about BYHS STEM successes at this year’s national CIJE competition. 
Mrs. Ruthie Kinzer’s class’ annual trip to Monsey for Shabbos was a smashing success! The trip began with a tour of New Square and a visit to the kever of Rebbetzin Vichna Kaplan, famed Bais Yaakov teacher and student of Sora Schneirer. Exciting speakers and panelists over Shabbos included Mrs. Esther Tilim, a niece of Rebbetzin Kaplan. Motzei Shabbos stops at Sheli’s Pizza and Evergreen Plaza rounded out an unforgettable experience. Click here for Temima Lewin’s first-hand account about Shabbos
Due to scheduling conflicts, the Chayei Mishpacha series for Twelfth Grade was forced to save its last classes for the students’ last days in school. But patience paid off, as the students enjoyed classes that were relevant, informative, and inspiring. Thank you to presenters Mrs. Rochelle Goldberg and Mrs. Zehava Lefkovitz, for your discussions about Dating and Family Life, respectively, to Shalom Task Force presenters Mrs. Judy Silverman and Mrs. Mimi Samuels on Relationships, and to Mrs. Gitti Horowitz, Mrs. Ilana Hoenlein, and Mrs. Aidel Wiessberg for your illuminating messages about life after seminary. Thank you to Mrs. Elise Wolf for arranging this all-star lineup to prepare the students for their future challenges and opportunities. 
Mrs. Leah Berry, Regional Director of AIPAC (American Israeli Political Action Committee), spoke to Mrs. Liba Steen’s Ninth Grade U.S. Government class about the political currents in America as they pertain to Israel. She explained how several upcoming Democratic primaries will pit pro-Israel candidates against “Squad” members, and how even high school students can play an active, positive role by encouraging others to go out and vote. Mrs. Berry’s talk reflected democracy in progress, at the same time emphasizing the high stakes in present and future elections. 
Although the week leading up to Shavuos was cut off at both ends by Memorial Day and, l’havdil, Erev Yom Tov, activities nevertheless filled the week’s calendar. Discovery offered a colorful, closing video reviewing the year’s programs. Thank you to Pride of the Farm for generously sponsoring ice coffee for this and past school events. Thank you to Discovery for the fun-filled trip celebrating technology related successes. And thank you to our guest “scholars-in-residence” for your most thought provoking hashkafa classes for those left behind - Rabbi Emanuel Goldfeiz, Rabbi Aharon Tendler, and Mrs. Chana Grove Thank you to Rebbetzin Aviva Feiner of Far Rockaway for a stirring drasha about Kabbolas HaTorah… Thank you G.O. for an exciting, year-end closing video and activity and for a sensational Lag Ba’Omer morning, including activities, barbeque, and a rousing kumzitz led by Bais Yaakov’s high school trained guitarists!... Thank you to our Seniors for your spirited, inspired dancing as you bid farewell to your beloved school… And thank you to our Incoming Seniors for your ruach-filled farewell songs to your parting schoolmates and for your lively seminary advertisements decorating the front lobby.
A short, spirited program welcomed this year’s Eighth Grade. The welcoming song and video offered glimpses of the exciting opportunities and pulsating ruach in High School life. The students heard from administrators and the incomparable Ninth Grade Guidance Counselor, Mrs. Elisheva Hauptman. We are looking forward to this new crop joining our amazing High School student body!
Our students have been in high demand by community organizations that provide services not directly associated with Bais Yaakov. Students have made profound contributions over the years in organizations such as Chai Lifeline, our local elementary school level Bnos activities, and JEP (Jewish Education Program) - which reaches out to girls in our community who are not in Bais Yaakov. Miss Ahuva Spetner and Miss Miriam Nelkin recently spoke to Tenth Grade, who were encouraged to follow in the footsteps of this year’s Eleventh Grade, who provided dynamic, ongoing opportunities for these young girls to become more exposed to Yiddishkeit. Thank you, JEP, and thank you to our Eleventh Graders!
The Gemach Lag B’Omer Walk-a-Thon raised $11,000 for the Ukrainian Yad Yisroel organization - the largest sum ever raised by the High School in a tzedakah campaign! Thank you Gemach for the hundreds of students who engaged in chesed activites under Gemach auspices on a regular basis throughout the year.
“Your students…are consistently respectful and gracious. Their emotional intelligence and maturity contribute to great discussions…We love coming to your school!”
Mrs. Mimi Samuels and Mrs. Judy Silverman of Shalom Task Force, a national organization promoting healthy interpersonal and family relationships.
6/17 - Last Day of School
  • 11:15 - MS Early Dismissal
  • 11:30 - HS Early Dismissal
  • 12:00 - ES Early Dismissal
June 13/ 14 Sivan

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