4 Sivan 5782 | June 2, 2022
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Upper Elementary

Parshas Bamidbar - Erev Shavuos
Wishing you and your families a Chag Sameach.
During the weeks between Pesach and Shavuos, the Upper Elementary students spend much time studying and understanding Pirkei Avos. Mrs. Chaya Hoffman, our Limudei Kodesh Coordinator, meets with the girls to provide an overview of the main elements of each of the chapters and a challenge to put the concept into action. The girls spend the week reciting songs and sayings to their teachers, earning beautiful flowers to place on our Pirkei Avos bulletin board. As they memorize the various chapters and demonstrate how they live with the lessons, they earn grand prizes to honor their efforts and accomplishments.
On Lag Ba’Omer, the girls enjoyed a delightful day of excitement with their teachers. The Third Grade learned to weave rubber-band jump ropes, which they used throughout the campus. The Fourth Grade spent their day playing races and enjoying ices with their teachers. We offer special appreciation for Mr. Lenny Attman and the Attman Family, who dedicated the activities in memory of their mother, Mrs. Ida Attman A”H.
Morah Judy Stein's Third Grade class learned about the power of answering amen to a bracha and how valuable this is to Hashem. After Pesach, they counted the times they answered amen to each other's brachos. The girls earned a "Gem Link" every five times they said amen to create a beautiful chain that represented their connection to this special mitzvah. At the end of Iyar, the girls collectively had recited amen over 14,690 times! The chain of gems wound up going all the way from the school's main lobby throughout the entire third and fourth-grade hallways and nearly back.
You may have had a chance to taste the delicious treats Morah Hindy Neumann's Fourth Grade class sold at their bake sale. The girls prepared the yummy pastries and baked goods with their morah and arranged the marketing and sale of the goodies, all for the benefit of Ahavas Yisroel Charity Fund. The girls raised nearly $1,000 in this effort!
We had a most memorable experience for mothers and daughters in our Third Grade as they gathered to daven after learning the Shemona Esrei. Together, mothers stood by their daughters to sing the beautiful songs the girls learned for each bracha. Mrs. Hoffman shared with the girls that tefillah is the key to opening any door in life, and she distributed a key necklace for each girl to wear proudly as a memento of this special day. Rabbi Stein shared that this is not a siyum, a conclusion, but a beginning of a lifetime of prayer. He shared stories of the power of tefillah. The girls then performed and sang lovely songs for their mothers and wrapped up the event with refreshments back in their classrooms. Mothers commented on how special it was to have the opportunity to daven with their daughters.
Our Fourth Grade headed downtown for a delightful and educational experience at the Maryland Science Center along with an enjoyable lunch at the Inner Harbor. We thank the PTA for sponsoring bus transportation for the trip.
As the girls continued to learn about each parsha, Mrs. Hoffman arranged to have an enjoyable assessment of their familiarity with the ideas of Sefer Vayikra by playing a fun game. The girls needed to use all their knowledge of Sefer Vayikra to answer the various challenges posed on the screen. The girls were able to answer each question and had a fun time too!
Our Fourth Grade is nearing the culmination of their unit on the Gift of Shabbos. They spent much time learning about the beauty of lighting Shabbos candles each week. The girls prepared beautiful artwork depicting a special prayer for their mothers to use as they light the candles. What a special way to end the unit of the Gift of Shabbos by making a beautiful gift for their mothers and families.
In addition to learning about the halachos and minhagim of Shavuos, each girl created a beautiful art project to bring home. We thank the PTA for their sponsorship and support of these fantastic projects.
As part of Bais Yaakov's effort to bring educational awareness to our parents and faculty on the impact of technology, the school hosted another excellent evening of inspiration and learning on this topic. Rabbi Zev Steen, Director of TAG Baltimore (Technology Awareness Group), opened the evening with an explanation of the types of controls available to help parents and children protect themselves from the potential negative impact of phones and devices. He also shared that it allows children to be influenced by the exposed culture that we work to protect our children from, when we send our daughters to Bais Yaakov. He explained that TAG's philosophy is to work with everyone to find a solution that is right for their family.

Rabbi Eytan Feiner, Rav of the White Shul in Far Rockaway, NY, shared the importance of joining together before Shavuos as one nation to help each other grow in this area of safety in technology. He mesmerized the audience with his dynamic presentation. Rabbi Feiner explained that working together, we will receive much help from Hashem, just as He gave the Torah only after we became one nation as "one man with one heart" at Har Sinai. His words penetrated the hearts of each participant as they came from his heart to ours.
6/3-6/6 School Closed (Shavuos Recess)
6/6 - 10 AM Late Start (Isru Chag)
6/12 - 4th Grade Program
6/15 - High School Graduation
6/16 - Last Day of Preschool
6/17 - Last Day of School
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May 27/ 26 Iyar

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