22 Kislev 5782 | November 25, 2021
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High School

Parshas Vayeishev
The unforgettable Ve’Haer program, introduced before COVID, returned in all its glory on Shabbos Parshas Toldos. The leadup to the program took place in school on Friday morning, with the presentation of a theme video about how to stretch ourselves in order to make great things happen. Friday night was full of fun, learning and trademark Bais Yaakov comradery, with more than 400 students in attendance, together with many of our teachers. The program included divrei Torah by Rabbi Yochanan Stengel, Principal of Bnos Yisroel High School, and Twelfth Grader, Faigy Klein. The students also enjoyed an inspirational Kabbalas Shabbos, panel discussions, games and a delicious oneg. Thank you to the student heads for this magnificent event, not soon to be forgotten. We express thanks to Shomrim, Hatzala, and the Baltimore City Police for ensuring that everyone would arrive home safely. Hundreds of students made prior plans to follow the Friday night proceedings with more Shabbos day activities and shared seudos. Special thanks to the faculty members, who added so much ruach to the program!
I-limit got off to a roaring start. This program, designed to encourage students to grow in all areas and particularly in the realm of technology use was met with tremendous enthusiasm. The students who participated in making a resolution in regards to technology received an I-limit bracelet. The first I-limit program sponsored a delicious dinner, inspirational words from Mrs. Chani Hendler, and messages from individual students about their personal growth in technology-related practices. Collectables, prizes, and more events are sure to keep the program highly charged over the coming months.
The Dr. Bertha Nelkin Mishmeres Program finally made its 5782 debut. Dr. Nelkin was remembered for her extraordinary refinement and nonjudgmental manner in embracing people of all backgrounds, and Mishmeres focuses on just these qualities- sensitivity and care in dealing with all people. The Mishmeres Conference Hot Line was introduced against the abiding, Torah value of Dvash V’chalav- sweetness under one’s tongue and holding back from any comments that could hurt another. 
Rabbi Daniel Mechanic’s visit brought excitement and enthusiasm to two grades this year in the standard Eleventh Grade visit, and for the Twelfth Grade, which missed the opportunity last year due to COVID restrictions. The talks were highly effective at the same time that they were entertaining, as in the past, demonstrating with greatest clarity the immutable truths of Torah Misinai and the eternity of Klal Yisroel. Dozens of students remained behind with Rabbi Mechanic when the classes were over to probe further and pose questions about the material presented.

Another fundamental hashkafa exposition is to come in the form of a lecture, to be followed by a question and answer period, about “Torah and Science” which will be provided for the Eleventh Grade by Bais Yaakov Va’ad HaChinuch Chair, Dr. Yoel Jakobovitz.

These talks are meant to underscore basic yesodos of Torah hashkafa that are studied in the classroom in regular Tanach studies, and combine with regular hashkafa subjects across the grades that reinforce basics of emunah and Torah values and ideals for high school students. Thank you to our staff for enriching our students lives with these lively, illuminating classes!
This year’s in-service day for professional development for faculty presented the administration with a challenge but met with great success. Finding the right presenters that would offer new ideas and expand the professional repertoire of high school teachers is no mean feat. We thank our presenters Mrs. Mindy Ederman, a veteran pedagogue from Queens, New York and Mrs. Bracha Daum LCSW, a mental health expert from Lakewood, New Jersey for the expert talks and robust interaction with our faculties. Teachers left the program with real food for thought and practical ideas that will enrich their assortment of tools in carrying out their professional duties. 
Our award-winning STEM program is off to a great start! Eleventh Grade STEM students created ingenious games for the school to enjoy, using their coding and circuiting skills attained in class. The games included Light Catch (press the button while the middle LED is lit; the game speeds up as each round is completed), Speed Reader (which involves racing against opponents), and Head and Tails (setting up competitions between computers). Students and faculty tested their skills on these great creations in the school lobby.  
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