27 Teves 5780 | January 23, 2020
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High School
Parshas Vaeira
JOY! SIMCHA! HAPPINESS! FRIENDSHIP! PURE ECSTASY! One would be hard put to find a term that would accurately depict the scene at the two Finales of last weekend’s Production presentations. Months of toil, sacrifice, and hard work (and fun!) culminated in a show that was colorful, alive, and chock full of amazing talent. You could just see our students’ faces shine with pride and simcha , as they harmoniously regaled those attending for two consecutive nights.

This year's production, Esther - Daughter of Royalty , is a story about fierce commitment to the Ribono Shel Olam (Master of the Universe) in the face of pain and difficulty while remaining committed to Him. Although we each travel distinctive journeys with unique circumstances, our collective goal is to continue walking on the path of commitment to Hashem .

Congratulations to Production heads Leah Flamm and Rina Lipsky for their inspired leadership. Congratulations to all the heads and to everyone else – and thank you to our amazing one-of-a-kind faculty for guiding every aspect of this unforgettable performance. 
The Siyum HaShas trip by Eleventh and Twelfth Grades was, Baruch Hashem , all that it was billed to be. Students came back on a high, with such excitement and inspiration. Please read the article below to appreciate what the experience felt like in the mind and heart of a Bais Yaakov senior. 
Attending the Siyum Hashas
Esther Green, Twelfth Grade

Crowds have a notorious habit of breeding loneliness. Throngs of people gathered with the purpose of uniting can oftentimes leave an individual questioning his or her value as one person amongst many. One who attends a large gathering may wonder why he or she feels distant or lacking connection with the multitudes of people seemingly gathered with an identical intention. Speaking for myself, I know that the time when I have felt most alone was when participating in such a gathering, yet feeling cold and empty inside. However, on January 1, 2020, I attended the Siyum Hashas , just one girl in an enormous crowd of 90,000, and I have never felt more inspired, more united, and more connected in my entire life.
Chayei Mishpacha for our seniors is in full swing. Although this course in topics about post high school life has been trimmed this year due to time constraints, the students have nevertheless had opportunities to hear vital ideas from noted Rabbanim and experts. These have thus far included talks by Rabbi Yaakov Hopfer (Torah Values), Rabbi Yochanon Stengel (Kollel), Rabbi Effi Flamm (Kiruv), Rabbi Shrage Neuberger (Shalom Bayis), Rabbi Baruch Brull (Chesed), and Rabbi Naftoli Hexter (Simcha). A panel discussion about post high school challenges included our own Mrs. Gittie Horowitz of the Middle School, together with Rebbetzin Mindy Hauer and Miss Yael Weiss . Talks by Mrs. Rochelle Goldberg of the Middle School (Dating), Mrs. Shifra Rabenstein (Navigating the World of Technology), and Mrs. Gittie Rifkind (Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff) have rounded out the picture. In the words of one senior, “Each time I feel like I’ve heard the best talk, another one is presented that is even more stimulating than all those before.”
This year’s Asara B’Teves gathering enabled the students to appreciate how Kiddush Hashem was an active response in the horrific Holocaust years. The Torah Umesorah film “ V’nikdashtem ” was followed by the equally powerful Holocaust related video created by our own Mr. Chananya Kramer for the recent Siyum HaShas .
Jan 30 - Feb 4 School Closed (Winter Vacation)

School resumes on February 5th.
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