17 Iyar 5781 | April 29, 2021
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Middle School
Parshas Emor

Each year, teachers and students donate prizes for the annual Nissan Auction. Prizes include free points on a test, lunch with a teacher, gift cards, baked goods, and much more. Students look forward to the auction with anticipation, and teachers love to donate prizes for this noble cause. 100% of the money earned in the auction is donated to Ahavas Yisroel, a local organization that generously provides to those in need within our community. With an annual budget of over $3 million dollars, every donation to Ahavas Yisroel makes a difference. This year, the Middle School raised over $6,000, significantly more than the girls have raised in the past! Thank you to our staff and parents for your generosity.
Under the direction of Mrs. Tova Wenger, the Fifth grade moros have chosen to utilize the time from Pesach to Shavuos to enhance their curriculum with the lessons of Pirkei Avos. The focus of this initiative is to encourage positive interpersonal relationships between the girls. Each week the girls are given a specific mishna to share at home with their families. Additionally, they are encouraged to read from Pirkei Avos, and students who participate are entered into a raffle. The girls watched a meaningful video produced by the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation’s Kamocha Campaign. The presentation titled “The Eyes That See,” gave the girls a unique perspective on how their actions affect others. The fifth grade students are gaining a new perspective on interacting with others while enjoying the weekly lessons. 
A significant part of the Sixth Grade English curriculum focuses on immigration. The teachers, led by Mrs. Judy Zapinsky, want the students to appreciate that immigration is a journey taken by our ancestors. The Mei’arba Kanfos Ha’aretz Immigration Fair was a display of the varied countries and cultures that make up the Jewish nation. The girls interviewed an immigrant to the United States and wrote an essay about the immigration process. Each group of girls created a trifold poster displaying what they learned. Walking into the gym last Tuesday night, visitors learned about various foods, clothing, Rabbonim, minhagim, maps, facts, and games for six different cultural centers. These included Eastern and Western Europe, Eastern and Western Asia, Africa, and Latin America. The girls learned about each culture and the parents were amazed at the fantastic display of culture and knowledge. 
After completing the halachos of Hafrashas Challah in Chumash, the Seventh Grade had a challah baking activity to solidify their learning about this special mitzvah in Parshas Shelach. Mrs. Nusy Lefkowitz shared two beautiful stories that inspired the girls about this mitzvah unique to women. The girls also watched a video on how to make a six-braid challah, and it was amazing to see how adept they were at making their own beautiful challos
In honor of Chodesh Nissan Mrs. Shuli Frand’s class hosted a Yom Iyun depicting “True Freedom.” Talia and Chani Wilson, identical twins from South Carolina came to Bais Yaakov to inspire the girls with their personal journey to Judaism from a life as religious Christians. The girls also created a video about the meaning of true freedom by interviewing girls about what freedom means to them. The Yom Iyun ended with a Pesach themed Escape Room where girls unlocked the code by solving puzzles on the computer. The day was both inspirational and uplifting. 
April 30 - Lag BaOmer

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