13 Adar Sheini 5782 | March 15, 2022
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Lower Elementary

Parshas Tzav
Wishing you and your families a Freilichen Purim!
Mazel Tov! Using the Kriability program, our Kindergarten girls have mastered their Alef Beis. They celebrated this simcha within their classrooms and joined together in the auditorium to conclude with songs, stories and a delicious frozen treat. The girls are ready to begin learning their first nekuda and continue their journey toward a lifetime of learning and davening.  
February was JDAIM, Jewish Disability Awareness and Inclusion Month, a great opportunity to start the conversation about people who look or behave differently than us. Morah Yael Zelinger of B'more Inclusive, visited our Kindergarten to lead a workshop on disability awareness. Morah Yael brought “friends” (dolls) with various disabilities. The girls gave them names and discussed what might or might not be easy for them. An experiment with a white and brown egg discovering that both have the same yolk inside helped emphasize that we all have a neshama created by Hashem, even if we look or behave differently on the outside. Lastly, she talked about what to do if you see someone with a disability in the park or in a store. It would not be nice to S-T-A-R-E, rather we can give a big S-M-I-L-E, just like we would want someone to smile at us.

This workshop complements the social-emotional skills that our teachers work on with the girls every day, as well as the Social Skills Second Step program taught each week by Mrs. Rachell Tajerstein, one of our school counselors. We understand that Hashem created each of us with feelings. We are working to recognize and respect each others feelings.
Mrs. Shaina Segal presented a fascinating demonstration to our First and Second Grades on Seed Dispersal and Flight. Mrs. Segal has been presenting various scientific experiments to our elementary students for the past few years to build curiosity about natural phenomenon. These hands-on activities align with the curricular objectives of each grade level. The First Grade was shown how some seeds need fire to heat and expand the cone to release its seed. The Second Grade learned about different forms of flight with gliders, hot air balloons, and an inflated fish which floated in the air.
Our Preschool girls were also treated to hands-on presentation about sound by Mrs. Shaina Segal. She explained how the ear collects sound and vibrates the ear drum. We experienced this by holding balloons while she played Purim music quietly and then loudly. We could "FEEL" the sound vibrating the balloon! We also watched glitter jump in a jar of oil/water as the music increased. We appreciate how Mrs. Segal uses her lessons to increase our appreciation of Hashem's creations. 
It worked out just perfectly that learning the letter P in Preschool coincides with Purim time and that some of the vocabulary words we review include Purim, pajamas, party and pillow! What a funny upside-down day it was on Rosh Chodesh Adar Sheini, with the girls and their moros enjoying a pajama party in school.
Our First Graders learned to read Hebrew over the first six months of school and then celebrated their with their Siddur Plays! The Siddur Plays are a compendium of songs staged by our girls as a group with individual lines for each student. These plays provide opportunities for each girl to shine in front of her peers, parents and family members. Moreover, they receive their beautiful siddurim and enjoy pekelach and siddur cookies at the conclusion of the parties. Thank you to our moros and assistants who worked hard to make our 7 individual Siddur Plays so exciting for our talmidos.
Our Siddur Plays are sponsored by Dr. and Mrs. Marcel Reischer in memory of Mrs. Eva Reischer A"H. Mrs. Reischer treasured tefillah and valued the role her siddur played in her life. Every student received their siddur with an inscription describing Mrs. Reischer's unique personality. May her neshama be uplifted through all the tefillos said with these siddurim. We are fortunate to have had Dr. Reischer join the girls and their families for this program.
In honor of Rosh Chodesh Adar, our First and Second Grades fostered achdus and simcha by decorating mishloach manos bags, filling them with food and exchanging them with their classmates. The girls also had an opportunity to decorate masks to inaugurate Chodesh Adar.
Dr. Aaron Lehmann brought his furry and soft family bunny named Alex to meet our Second Grade. The students were able to touch the bunny and ask questions. This is a great introduction to the annual project Animals and Habitats.  The girls will each create a 3D presentation of their assigned animal or mammal. 
We had a very exciting day in school on 2/22/2022 which encouraged math awareness in many different forms. The Preschool students counted, brought in collections of 100 things, wrote 100 words, walked and jumped 100 steps, and found numerous ways to represent the number 100. Our girls are indeed "100 Days Brighter!" The administration and teachers arranged a fun activity with their 100 charts filled with Fruit Loops, beautiful crowns and a special PowerPoint, “Miss Bindergarten Celebrates the 100th Day of Kindergarten.”
3/16 - Taanis Esther (Early Dismissal)
3/17 - Purim (School Closed)
3/18 - Shushan Purim (School Closed)
Mar 10/ 8 Adar 2

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