12 Iyar 5782 | May 12, 2022
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Middle School

Parshas Emor
Our Seventh Grade has been working hard at their new program, Strengthening Shabbos by going to Shul. Shabbos is a wonderful time to catch up on rest but it is also an auspicious time to go to shul and connect to our Creator. Thanks to this new program, approximately 60 - 70 girls have been going to shul each Shabbos. The girls who came to shul before krias hatorah for 4 weeks earned a prize each week and had a celebratory party. Thank you to Miss Rivka Garry for creating this exciting program!
Many Fifth Graders have joined Miss Shayndle Green's voluntary book club. The girls have enjoyed challenging themselves to read more books and discuss them during their lunch breaks. What a wonderful opportunity for our girls to develop and nurture their love for reading!
Our Upper Middle School students were introduced to a new workshop titled Learn How to Worry Less and Think More Realistically and Positively. Girls were invited to identify their unrealistic thinking and then substitute a more realistic and positive thought. Ways of coping with worry were discussed, and girls were encouraged to choose which strategies worked best for them. The girls have shared very positive feedback about the benefit of utilizing these new techniques. Thank you, Mrs. Chanita Felder, for the countless hours spent creating the original material and delivering the workshops. 
A new program titled Waze to Raise was introduced to the Eighth Grade last week. The program is designed to create an awareness of the potential challenges students may face when using technology. The students enjoyed delectable chocolate mousse while playing an interactive game to write creative captions for pictures that connect with technology. Mrs. Rena Berger will be delivering workshops to each of the 8th grade homerooms as a follow up to the assembly. With proper awareness of its challenges, we hope that our students can utilize the gift of technology in a healthy way by making good choices. Thank you Mrs. Berger and Miss Yocheved Horowitz for spearheading this initiative. 
The Sixth Grade worked in earnest on their displays for the incredible Mei'arba Kanfos Ha'aretz Fair this past week. Trifold boards depicting minhagim, rabbonim, maps and facts, food, games, and shuls from the different regions of the world were designed and decorated during English class. In addition, the girls wrote essays about an immigrant of their choice whom they interviewed. These essays were compiled in a packet for each girl to read. Kudos to our English teachers, led by Mrs. Judy Zapinsky, for guiding our girls to work cooperatively in groups to produce this magnificent event.
The Lower Middle School launched a Pirkei Avos initiative to encourage the girls to learn and master the mishnayos for points. As the points accumulate, each class can earn exciting class parties. Thank you to Mrs. Tzipporah Freedman for coordinating this exciting program to help our students connect to the days of Sefiras Ha’omer
After completing the first part of the Physical Science curriculum with fantastic Rube Goldberg projects, one accelerated Eighth Grade class began their exploration into Chemistry! The girls learned about the atom, studied the Periodic Table of Elements, and explored how atoms bond to make molecules. They are now learning how to name compounds and write chemical formulas for both ionic and covalent compounds. They will soon be ready for chemical reactions and balancing equations!
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