8 Kislev 5780 | December 5, 2019
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Upper Elementary
Parshas Vayeitzei

The First STEM Expo is this Sunday, December 8th!
Our Third Grade moros engage their talmidos while teaching. They encourage their students to support each other in learning Chumash and other key skills. The girls enjoy having time to learn with each other to hone their skills and understanding of the pesukim . They also work in stations to explore the concepts they are learning in an exciting way. 
The Third Grade moros under the leadership of Mrs. Chaya Hoffman , our Limudei Kodesh Coordinator, created a very exciting program to encourage the girls in reading. The excitement surrounding the program has been palpable and it has already significantly impacted the girls' skills in accuracy and fluency. This program complements Mrs. Leah Wenger’s Kriahbility program that the girls used in the lower grades. As the girls practice and review their kriah , they earn "KriahKash" which they put in their own KriahKash Wallet and save to spend at one of our special events throughout the year. The first event, The Bais Yaakov KriahKash Bakery , opened its doors this month and was a delicious and smashing success! Enjoy this video showing the girls enjoying the fruits (and pastries) of their labors! 
Our annual Fourth Grade Shabbos Unit was introduced this month. The girls enjoyed an engaging assembly where they discovered what a treasure Shabbos is through numerous activities involving unpacking the gifts of Shabbos . The girls created a beautiful mosaic that will be hanging in the fourth grade hall throughout the winter. They also enjoyed delicious potato kugel as we began this exciting unit. Each month the classes will explore another element of Kedushas Shabbos . The whole Upper Elementary looks forward to this unit each year as we all benefit from the delicious aroma of the delicious Shabbos foods and ruach of Shabbos that permeate the halls of Bais Yaakov during these weeks.
Mazel Tov! Our Fourth Grade classes recently completed Parshas Vayishlach and celebrated with a siyum. At the conclusion of learning each parsha every class makes a creative siyum celebration, where the girls design posters, prepare skits, and play games. There is a special feeling of accomplishment when the classes complete a part of the Torah , and prepare to learn the next parsha , Vayeishev .
The Fourth Grade reading groups are reading stories around the theme of teamwork. The girls read a story about the dog sleds of the Iditarod and how each dog in the sled team relies on the others to make it through the race. Our fourth graders learned this through an engaging activity that made this theme come alive. The teachers challenged their students to work in groups to build a tower out of marshmallows and toothpicks and see how tall they could make them. Working together can, at times, be difficult but it is also rewarding when the members of the team communicate effectively. 

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Dec 14 8th Grade Production
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December 5/ 7 Kislev

לעלוי נשמת
אסתר פרידא בת ר' מנחם מענדל ע"ה
יאהרצייט ט' כסלו

In Memory of
Mrs. Esther Tendler A"H

Sponsored by
Her Family

December 5/ 7 Kislev

לזכר   נשמת
שרה מזל טוב בת משה ע"ה

In Memory of
Mrs. Shari Siman-Tov A"H

Sponsored by
Max and Rachel Chaya Ganz and Family

December 4/ 6 Kislev

לעלוי נשמת
שרה בת רב אליהו ע"ה

In Memory of
Mrs. Sara Wygoda A"H

Sponsored by
Tzvi and Sally Wygoda and Family

December 4/ 6 Kislev

לזכר   נשמת
מרדכי אליעזר בן יעקב ע"ה

In Memory of
Mr. Mr. Marty Schultz A"H

Sponsored by
The Schultz Family

December 3/ 5 Kislev

In Honor of
Ofer and Marcie Lurman

Sponsored by
Rabbi Yitzchok Elefant
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