28 Adar 5781 | March 11, 2021
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Middle School
Parshas Vayakhel Pekudei

To Our Dear Bais Yaakov Community,
I want to take this opportunity to express our collective hakoras hatov for your ongoing support of the school, especially during our most recent "Actualizing Potential" campaign.  Boruch Hashem, having surpassed our goal, the campaign's tremendous success speaks for itself and the extraordinary efforts of so many.  The way that hundreds of our parents, staff, alumnae, and friends, along with thousands of donors, all came together, with the common goal of strengthening our school, has been inspiring.  
We look forward to more opportunities to work together on behalf of Bais Yaakov and our talmidos. Thank you all so much!
Rabbi Aaron Gross
The ruach and simcha of Purim in the Middle School was not forgotten this year despite not having a formal Purim Chaggiga
On Rosh Chodesh Adar, the Fifth and Sixth Graders had a door-decorating contest to welcome in the month of “A-door”. In the Seventh and Eighth Grades the girls learned a lesson of gaining joy by giving to others. Mrs. Judy Zapinsky created a video instructing the girls on new card-making techniques, including how to make pop-up cards and cards containing 3 dimensional components. They watched a video about the wonderful things that Bikur Cholim of Baltimore does for the people of our community. They then had a great time making personalized cards for Bikur Cholim to give out on Purim. They were also treated to hot cocoa and knishes as they played a Megillas Esther trivia game, searching for a special refreshment.
The week of Purim brought with it a real sense of anticipation. It started with an original game show of Middle School trivia. The M. Leo Storch High School Auditorium was abuzz with energy as each grade had an opportunity to showcase their school spirit. Thank you to the Bais Yaakov PTA for sponsoring this activity. The week continued with a “Beauty Contest” as each class had time to design their “heads fit for a king”. The week ended with a sweet trip to Candy Land as the Middle School Multi-Purpose Room was transformed into one of our favorite childhood games. 
After completing their most recent book, “From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler,” by E. L. Konigsberg, the Fifth Grade girls were assigned a unique book report. To make the assignment more exciting, the girls were asked to create cereal boxes that included drawings, activities, and character information. Each girl’s cereal was named after a concept or name in the book. The boxes also This was such an exciting way to make learning fun.
All of the Sixth Grade students came together for the first time this year in celebration of completing their first parsha of the year. Each class made a poster and prepared a small presentation of the concepts found in the parsha. The students were treated to delicious yogurt parfaits and muffins as a special siyum treat. 
The cell is one of the most amazing miracles of creation—a symbol of life itself. Therefore, after learning about the cell in class, each Seventh Grade science student is tasked with creating plant or animal cell drawings or models to concretize their learning. These projects are a small sampling of the enjoyable learning that goes on in each classroom.
Corona did not get in the way of this year’s Eighth Grade Science Fair. As in other years, the Science Fair was the perfect culmination to the process where each group followed the Scientific Method to produce a scientifically accurate experiment or model. The girls worked hard to make sure their results were reliable and accurate. To adhere to Corona guidelines, the Science Fair took place over three days. During the first two evenings, each group had a chance to present their experiment or model to the judges. The judges then had the opportunity to ask pointed questions to each group. The amount of knowledge and scientific acumen that the girls displayed was inspiring. On the third night, beautiful tri-fold posters adorned the gym as experiments and models were displayed for the parents to see. The most important result of the Science Fair was the marvelous display of knowledge and teamwork which the students gained from this special exhibition. 
Mar 22 - HS & MS Pesach Recess Begins
Mar 23 - Pesach Recess (No School)

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