11 Iyar 5781 | April 22, 2021
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Upper Elementary School
Parshas Achrei Mos - Kedoshim

Due to the COVID closure last year, many of our Third Graders were unable to enjoy the experience of learning how matzos are made. With much appreciation to our PTA, Rabbi Hillel Baron of the Jewish Federation of Howard County, brought the matzah bakery here to the Bais Yaakov Auditorium. The girls enjoyed the hands-on experience as they prepared for Pesach
The Third Grade moros take Pesach preparation to a new level with their masterful Haggados which they create with their talmidos to make the Pesach experience more meaningful. The Haggados and lessons within are beautiful and we thank the moros for instilling the love for Hashem and His mitzvos.

One Bubby of a third grader shared with us, “I couldn’t believe how excited my granddaughter was going into Pesach. I was blown away by her participation at the Seder and how much she knew. This tangible excitement carried over into the rest of Yom Tov.” 
As an introduction to the month of Nissan, Morah Batya Kahn’s class performed a beautiful song, describing how lucky we are to be part of the chain of Klal Yisroel. Morah Nechama Shamouelian’s class produced an adorable play (on their own!) with the message that revolved around this year’s theme of Gam Zu L’tovah – It’s All Good. Morah Esther Feldheim’s class brought in the month of Iyar with a lovely performance about Hallelu es Hashem, praising Hashem. The girls sang a beautiful song with motions and each girl said a poem describing the things for which she is thankful to Hashem.
This past week our Third Grade enjoyed their third kriah motivational event featuring an in-house “Kriah Kash Ice Cream Truck.” Students had a chance to spend their hard-earned kriah kash, money they receive for practicing their Hebrew reading, on various ice cream toppings, and a selection of ice cream themed prizes. As one student remarked, “After the last event, I read almost every night so that I’d have tons of kriah kash this time. Now I had extra to lend to my friend.” Kudos to our phenomenal Third Grade assistants, Morah Shifra Horowitz and Morah Chasida Lurie for their help with transforming the school into an authentic ice cream truck and to Morah Malkey Adler, our kriah specialist, who reads with every student individually, a minimum of twice a week.
The Fourth Grade completed their science unit on the human body. They covered the digestive, respiratory, and circulatory systems. The most exciting parts of each lesson were the numerous experiments they performed to help them understand how the body works. The girls also learned how to take their pulse. They were able to feel the difference in rate when at rest and after one minute of jumping jacks. The girls found that their pulse was faster after exercise. It is beautiful to see how the teachers connect these natural occurrences with Hashem’s master plan.
The Fourth Grade has had some wonderful Monday Fundays to learn about the process toward citizenship in conjunction with reading the story A Very Important Day by Maggie Rugg Herold. The girls heard from our very own Morah Liora Rosen about her experience in becoming an American citizen. They learned that it is the right of every citizen to receive a passport so they can travel in and out of the country freely. The girls created their own passports and answered questions asked by “passport control” to enter the United States. 

This week, our reading group teachers began their preparation for the next unit of focusing on the expansion of the American frontier. The students acquired their own Homestead as they prepared to head west into the wild frontier in their Literature and Social Studies lessons. The girls actually received a verified homestead if they desired to head out west and stake their claim. We just hope they find one near Bais Yaakov as they set out to achieve their manifest destiny!
Students in the Third Grade have been studying the different forms of matter. The girls learned about the various states and physical properties of matter. As a closing activity, Mrs. Rachel Gedalius's classes built structures out of paper. The girls surprised themselves by successfully building extremely tall and strong structures using only 20 index cards, 16 paperclips, and the knowledge they gained in studying the properties of matter. We have some budding engineers in Bais Yaakov!
April 30 - Lag BaOmer

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