7 Adar 5781 | February 18, 2021
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Parshas Teruma

The community was plunged into mourning upon learning of the untimely passing of the greatly admired and renowned Nasi/Menahel of Yeshivas Ner Yisroel, Rav Sheftel Neuberger, ZT"L, beloved father and grandfather of Bais Yaakov alumnae and present-day students. Part of the levaya was streamed into school for the Twelfth Grade to watch, giving them a greater awareness of this truly unique leader and his tremendous accomplishments. May he be a Malitz Yosher for his family, for our community, and for all of Klal Yisroel.
As a strong academic season has continued unabated through COVID, so has a series of activities that provided outlets both in learning outside of the traditional classroom setting and in experiencing exciting opportunities. These include the exciting G.O. sponsored Rosh Chodesh activity, which included the annual Adar Auction that raised over $10,000 (an all-time high!) for Ahavas Yisroel, a creative Discovery program which featured guest speaker Rabbi Yechiel Spero on the topic of honoring our teachers, together with delicious helpings of homemade cholent, and the G’mach sponsored in-school Mishloach Manos program. Another successful G’mach program had our Adopt-a-Bubby students prepare Tu B’shvat packages for their adopted bubbies - see appreciation letters below. 
On another, academic front, Mrs. Chana Kagan’s social studies class heard a talk from our own Rabbi Zalman Nissel, Bais Yaakov's Chief Executive Officer, on the pros and cons involved in running a non-profit organization. The classes heard about business ownership earlier this year from Mrs. Shani Rosenbaum, proprietor of Shape by Shani, who has been able to run her business establishment through the pandemic.
Mrs. Yael Zelinger’s ASL Class spent two days exploring disability awareness with a Jewish lens, through a program called “B’More Inclusive” run by the The Macks Center for Jewish Education (CJE). Through fun activities and rich discussion, the students learned how to appreciate and approach people who have disabilities. They learned how to sign “Our community is not complete unless everyone is around the table.” To demonstrate the concept that everyone is important and has what to contribute, each student painted her handprint in a different color on a giant hand that says “I Love You” in American Sign Language.
Rabbi Zweig,

Please thank your students for a very thoughtful Tu B’shvat drawing and package they sent. Their chessed is greatly appreciated. Hope everyone enjoys Tu B’shvat.

Marcy Steigroot (Park Towers East)

Dear Malka and “Girls of BY” –

What a lovely Tu B’shvat Holiday – thanks to all of you! The card by Neima Fogel was beautiful – (I’d like to buy some – if indeed they are available.) The lunch was delightful and yummy. But most of all what a lovely gesture ---your fingerprints are all over the whole project! 

Thank you for including me.

Marlene Resnick
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