2 Cheshvan 5782 | October 7, 2021
Bais Yaakov e-Newsletter
Lower Elementary
Parshas Noach
We are very excited that Mrs. Beth Pasternak has joined our division as the Lower Elementary General Studies Coordinator for the current school year. Since Monday, Mrs. Pasternak has been coming into school, meeting with administrative team members and faculty in order to acquaint herself with the Lower Elementary. Mrs. Pasternak anticipates harnessing her talents, training, and experience, to enhance each student's education.
With giggles and bright hopes for a great experience, our beautiful Preschoolers bounced into the new school year with smiles and happy anticipation. Playing, sharing and learning together - the BY Preschool is excited to start in earnest our exciting winter learning adventure!
Our new outdoor playground is absolutely magnificent. There is a new blacktop and multiple equipment structures for the girls to enjoy. We thank the various donors who made this dream possible.
Once again, we are fortunate to have a large indoor play space this year for our Preschool students to use during inclement weather. With a quiet reading corner, a climbing structure and many opportunities for fine and gross motor activities, the girls will be able to enjoy the space. 
We have been honored to have numerous speakers address our faculty and parent body to begin the school year. These lectures bring positive energy to the opening of school. Rabbi Tzvi Mordechai Feldheim, Menahel of Kesser Torah, delivered a riveting and inspirational message on the importance of "Connecting with our Students."
Mrs. Sarah Ottensoser, our Executive Functioning Coach of Shemesh, presented a seminar to staff members, sharing techniques to ensure that our students function at a high level of productivity. Mrs. Ottensoser will be supporting our first and second grade teachers throughout the year to help introduce these strategies. At Parent Orientation, we heard an electrifying presentation from Dr. Rona Novick on helping our children manage with the ongoing challenges of Covid. 
We have been using the first twelve days of school to assess all students in Grades One and Two using a tool called Acadience Reading under the guidance of Miss Penina Goldstein, Coordinator of Special Education, and Mrs. Eileen Norris, Reading Specialist. We hope to complete this process shortly so that we can provide each child with the instruction she will need. Acadience Reading functions as a universal screening and progress monitoring assessment that measures the acquisition of early literacy skills. It is comprised of six brief measures that function as indicators of the essential skills that every child must master to become a proficient reader. These measures are used to regularly monitor the development of early literacy skills in order to provide timely instructional support and prevent the occurrence of later reading difficulties.
Henrietta the Hen came with Mrs. Liora Rosen for her annual visit to our Preschool and Elementary in preparation for Yom KippurKapparos with Henrietta was held in front of the building with all our students. This tradition which has become a rite of passage for our students was started by Reb Lipa Friedman z"l over thirty years ago to teach American children how Kapporos were done in the "Alter Heim."
Our Second Grade students enjoyed their Tehillim assembly this week. As in past years, our moros presented each child with the Artscroll Chinuch Tehillim. The Sifrei Tehillim have been generously dedicated by Rabbi and Mrs. Tzvi and Liora Rosen in memory of Mrs. Rosen's parents Shmuel ben Yosef Leib A"H and Chasida bas Mordechai A''H. Each girl has the opportunity to become a Malkas Tehilim and enjoy a siyum with her family in school, upon completion of the entire sefer. We hope that this introduction to Tehillim will be the beginning of a life-long relationship.
Bais Yaakov is happy to announce our Preschool Registration for the upcoming 2022-23 school year. 
Online Registration will open for:

Current Bais Yaakov Parents:
Monday, Nov 1, 2021

New Bais Yaakov Parents:
Monday, Nov 7, 2021

Tours can be arranged once an application has been submitted.
We look forward to greeting you.
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