1 Kislev 5780 | November 28, 2019
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Lower Elementary
Parshas Toldos
This past week Bais Yaakov Preschool enjoyed a special visit from the Hatzalah Ambulance for an exciting “Show and Tell” presentation about safety! The girls had an opportunity to peek inside the ambulance and see the equipment inside. A very special thank you to Mr. Shloime Milworm for being an excellent “tour guide” and fielding the girls’ questions. This visit helps the children feel comfortable with Hatzalah and the care which they provide for the entire community. 
In honor of Parshas Chayei Sarah and the shidduch between Yitzchok & Rivka, we hosted an exciting Kallah Day. With many smiles and fanfare, the young kallos enjoyed dancing to wedding music alongside their moros and fellow students. 
This past week, Mrs. Aviva Marks and Mrs. Dassi Barr’s First Grade homerooms were the scenes of dynamic student learning in Science. The girls studied the properties and strength levels of different magnets as well as the individual stages of the water cycle. 
Dr. Itzi Barr, Cardiologist, and Bais Yaakov parent, presented a fact-filled presentation on the human heart to our entire Second Grade using many interesting props. The girls watched a video depicting a sonogram of the heart, various pacemakers, stents, and how they are used by cardiologists. This was a fascinating opportunity for students to ask questions and to see the medical instruments up close. The presentation enhanced our unit on the human body and enabled our students to learn more about the role of a doctor in keeping us healthy. Thank you Dr. Barr for visiting us at Bais Yaakov.
We have been making a concerted effort to address recess time within the school day to provide students with healthy options. Outdoors, we have created multiple zones for teacher supervision and Buddy Benches for friendly student interactions. Indoors, whenever the weather is inclement, too cold or wet, students have been provided multiple games to play . In addition, our school counselors, Mrs. Libby Kraft and Mrs. Rachell Tajerstein , have created personalized individual folders for every First Grader with many different activity sheets to engage in while experiencing a fun environment.

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לעלוי נשמת
דרה אלישבע ע"ה בת אברהם אפרים הלוי נ"י
יאהרצייט כ"ו מרחשון

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