16 Shevat 5781 | January 28, 2021
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Upper Elementary
Parshas Beshalach

Our schoolwide program, Gam Zu L'Tova – It’s All Good, continues to underscore our school spirit this year. Morah Shulamis Juravel's class performed a beautiful song and dance for the school on the concept of thanking Hashem for always being with us! To allow everyone to participate, they recorded their performance for all to enjoy. We hope you do too!
Mrs. Leah Shulman's Book Beads reading program is off to an excellent start for her Third Grade students, and the young ladies in her classes have been busy readers! The program is simple - the more you read, the more you bead. Reading nightly is a fabulous way to improve reading fluency, and the girls can choose a colorful bead for every hour of reading they complete. Since the start of the program in November, these third graders have collectively read for over 25,000 minutes, and the numbers keep climbing! See the beautiful keychains the girls created with their beads! More exciting bead projects are on the horizon.
Mrs. Ashira Mirsky's Third Grade class just finished their social studies unit on Communities. The girls were grouped into pairs and created gorgeous poster projects about different types of communities. They researched information about various cities, their population, state flower, and state bird. They worked together beautifully and used a lot of creativity and flair. 
Each week the Third Grade students review the weekly Parsha and earn Parsha Dollars to spend at the Parsha Store following the completion of each Sefer of the Torah. The girls were able to purchase their prizes and enjoy the rewards of their Torah knowledge.
The Fourth Grade students have been reading about the adventures of the Titanic. As part of this unit, the students spent time creating word art using adjectives describing the story and the tragedy of the ship's sinking. We thank Mrs. Yehudis Bamberger, Miss Chomi Bernstein, Mrs. Yael Bohbot, and Mrs. Esti Elbaum for finding a creative way to bring to life the use of descriptive language through art.
Jan 28 - Feb 2 Winter Vacation
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