5 Elul 5781 | August 12, 2021
Bais Yaakov e-Newsletter
Summer Edition

Parshas Shoftim
Lower Elementary School
We are excited about our new preschool and lower elementary playground, which is under construction. Our new playground will service over 500 students daily and has been expanded to include an additional blacktop. A multiplex playground is an integral component of childhood development.

At this time, we want to thank everyone involved in helping to make this dream a reality. We extend our deep appreciation to the administration and lay leadership of the school for moving ahead with the plans for a dynamic, state-of-the-art play area for Bais Yaakov Preschool and Elementary.
Upper Elementary School
It is lovely to see so many girls working on their avodas kayitz and summer work packets. We have held four successful prize pickups where girls who have completed the required work have picked up prizes from Mrs. Pnina Jacobovitz’s home. The students benefit by keeping up with some academic performance and we benefit by seeing their smiling faces over the summer!
We look forward to distributing the limudei kodesh summer work prize when the girls return to school.
We are excited to have a new play space cleared between the parking lot and the neighboring farm. The wooded area has been cleared to provide a pleasant recess and afternoon fun space. We look forward to seeing the children enjoy this new space.
Middle School
Rabbi Moshe Frohlich joined the Middle School, as its new Principal, in early July and has spent many hours meeting with administrators, teachers, and parents. “I have enjoyed learning about the rich experiences of our staff members and seeing their passion as educators. The same sentiment was echoed by so many staff members; our middle school provides a wonderfully positive experience where every talmidah is accepted and cherished. The unique balance of academic rigor and well-planned extra-curricular programs allows each student to shine and feel connected to school. It is a privilege and honor to join this impressive team.” 
Each summer, curricula are reviewed and changed to accommodate the current needs of our students. One of the changes being implemented is the piloting of a highly acclaimed language-based Chumash curriculum in our Fifth and Sixth Grades. Our entire Learning Center staff were trained this past year, and 5th and 6th teachers were trained over the summer. In addition, administrators across the divisions have been meeting to discuss curriculum progression from upper elementary into middle school in order to ensure that our 5th grade students are prepared and important skills are retained from year to year. The kriah curriculum, Kriability, that was piloted in the Elementary School will now be extended to our 5th grade as well.
Over the last three years, the Middle School has experienced exponential growth with the addition of the Fifth Grade. A new extra-curricular program for the 5th and 6th grades has been created called GEM (Growing Each Month), in lieu of G.O. and G’mach. This new program is being created and led by Mrs. Chani Flam. Each month’s programming will focus on an area of growth. 
Our G.O. and G’mach presidium have been busy meeting with Mrs. Miriam Mellman and Mrs. Shuli Frand over the summer to plan this year’s themes and breakout activities for the Seventh and Eight Grade students. The songs are being created and recorded, and the bulletin boards are being designed. The girls are excited to roll everything out once school starts.
High School
After months of keeping apart, six foot distanced, masked, and Covid-weary, we finally joined together, in person, at our Mother-Daughter Graduation Dinner. As everyone trickled into the Double Tree Ball Room, the joy on everyone’s faces – grandmothers, mothers, daughters, peers, and teachers alike, shone through, unmasked! The ambiance in the room was so uplifting. Fresh white flowers adorned each table, and waiters carried in the food, but even more special was the feeling of closeness emanating throughout the room. Closeness in body and closeness in spirit. After twelve years of schooling in Bais Yaakov of Baltimore, our class was graduating! Surrounded by our parents, grandparents, and teachers, we were all gathered here together to celebrate our future.

Dressed in Shabbos finery, mothers, daughters, and teachers mingled, congratulating each other and catching up. Friends looked at one another and joked how this event seemed like a bring-your-mother-to-school-day. It seemed school life had been transformed to this beautiful hall, albeit with our mothers and grandmothers there to shep nachas over how much we had grown over the years, how the small flame of our youth grew to the light that shone before them today.
As the event began, we were addressed by fellow students, Dani Shnidman and Pesha Shereshevsky, who spoke of the beauty of our grade and reflected on our path until this moment. Pesha spoke about how every part of the Bais Yaakov experience is geared to building us so that we could help carry out the mission of Klal Yisroel. As our final year winds to a close and the time to leave slowly approaches (where did the time go?!), we can leave confident that we are, b”H, prepared for the next stage of our journey.
Mrs. Mindi Hauer addressed us from her vantage point as the mother of a senior, her last daughter to finish Bais Yaakov. She told us that our school has an invaluable gift, so rare to find, yet we experience it every day without notice. Only Bais Yaakov of Baltimore can boast a student body so diverse, yet so wholehearted in acceptance and love of one another. It is the profound level of achdus in our school which is unparalleled and truly invaluable.
Mrs. Shifra Rabenstein spoke next, reflecting in her message and tone the selflessness of Bais Yaakov’s teachers. She shared how much she cares about us – loves us – and how much she hopes and prays for us. Tears for how she will miss us, for how she and all of the teachers hope they did enough for us. In Bais Yaakov the teachers are not simply there to teach, they are there to touch our lives. Mrs. Rabenstein, as the mouthpiece of the faculty, shared how she wished the school year did not have to end now, how perhaps there was one more student whose life she could impact, one more girl she could connect to.
Ultimately, all the speakers concluded, it is now up to us. It is up to us to fuel the fire they have ignited inside us throughout these twelve years. The torch is passed to us. Outside of the framework of our beloved Bais Yaakov School, it is our obligation to forge our own path, form meaningful lives, and live by the ideals which we were taught. To keep our flames burning bright, so we can rekindle and then pass this passion onto others.
This was a night of self-reflection, of realizing how we owe our growth to all those who were surrounding us. To our parents who raised us, our teachers who taught us and modeled for us true avodas Hashem, and our friends who stood by us through it all.
We as a grade played together in the playground, shared the slide, and pushed each other on the swings. We grew up together, and now, together, we move on as a grade to greet the future: adulthood. Maybe it wasn’t bring-your-mother-to-school-day. Maybe it was escorting your daughter, your child, your student, your friend towards the wide-open future. Remind her of her firm foundation, her school, with its unified, diverse student body and pristine Torah spirit, with role models for teachers which no other school can boast. Remind her of who she is and of what she can accomplish. Wish her well and of all the blessings the world can offer.
And what better way to do so than in an upscale event, with waiters and clinking glasses, in a room filled with her parents, teachers, and peers, after a year and a half of staying apart. Now, in parting, thankfully, so close together. Now, in every form and manner, truly one. 
Development Office
Together, Tefilla and Torah study have always been the tried and true methods through which to invoke Divine assistance. Bais Yaakov is proud to continue the longstanding tradition of Parnas Hayom, by offering the opportunity to dedicate our students’ daily davening and learning.

Sponsoring a “Day of Davening and Learning” is a most appropriate way to mark a Yahrtzeit or another meaningful specific date. Additional possibilities include occasions for honoring someone special, sponsoring when there is a need for refua shleima (recovery from illness), looking to celebrate a simcha or significant milestone.

The day’s sponsorship is prominently displayed and publicly announced to students at Bais Yaakov. In addition, an announcement will be emailed to the general community at the start of the school day.

To sponsor a day of Davening & Learning during the upcoming school year CLICK HERE or contact Rabbi Aaron Gross at 443-548-7700 ext. 511 or ragross@baisyaakov.net for more information.
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Aug 31 - First Day of School

Please view the school calendar for orientation times.
To sponsor a day of Davening & Learning, CLICK HERE or contact
Rabbi Gross at 443-548-7700 ext. 511 or ragross@baisyaakov.net 
for more information.