19 Shevat 5782 | January 20, 2022
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Middle School

Parshas Yisro
On the 80th day of the 80th year,
We continue the work of Sarah Schenirer.
With, bli ayin hara, 1800 students who fill up each hall,
And 461 staff members who give each student their all.
Built on a solid foundation that was built to last,
Cultivated and nurtured by “Chinuch Giants” of the past.
Rabbi Diskind and Rabbi Steinberg - legends each on their own,
And yibadel l’chaim - Rabbi Hexter who set the Middle School’s tone.
Ben Shmonim L’gvurah” - we are 80 years strong,
With an illustrious past and a place where we all belong.
Each of you should grow in your own way and be the best you can be,
And remember all those before you - your legacy.
Today during lunch, we have for you something sweet,
Please make your way to your lunchrooms to enjoy your treat.
May we continue to have siyata d’shamaya in all that we do,
For reaching this milestone - to Hashem we say, Thank you!
6B has joined the Dolphin Club this year. The Dolphin Club, under the leadership of Mrs. Leeba Braun, known for the many tzedakah projects that are conceived and implemented by the girls, makes a meaningful difference in the lives of Jews across the world. Last week, they held their first soup sale. In addition to the soup sale, the girls have developed an engaging way to raise money, by making a community wide carnival to be held on Sunday, February 20th, 2022. 6B looks forward to putting smiles on the faces of girls living in Bayit Lepleitot, an orphanage in Israel, by helping to sponsor a Purim Chagiga, a Purim meal and Mishloach Manos for them.
There have been very creative, multisensory, learning ideas implemented in our Fifth Grade. Miss Leah Feder's Navi class, produced a comic book to review the perek. The girls drew various scenes and cut out speech bubbles to place by each scene. Mrs. Sara Gross had her students reenact Bnei Yisroel’s crossing of the Yarden. They went to the gym where a “Yarden” had been set up and the girls acted out the various scenes from the perek. 12 balls were used as the 12 boulders which were situated in the river, and the students carried them out of the “Yarden” and all the way to “Har Eival.” In Chumash, Mrs. Tobie Sauer had her students review Parshas Shemos by composing a beautiful newspaper called “The Shemos Shmooze.” The newspaper had a variety of exciting pages such as the weather in Mitzrayim, an interview with an Egyptian, a cartoon, ads, and madlibs. Using multisensory learning in a memorable way creates positive associations and long lasting connections to the material.
Mrs. Tanya Gerstman created a scavenger hunt for the girls to review their math unit. Instead of giving out a worksheet, cards with math problems were placed along the walls in the hallway. On the top left hand corner, each card also had the correct answer to a different card. After choosing a card, each student had to solve the problem and then find the card where the correct answer was located. They would then begin the problem on that card until ultimately making their way down the hallway until they had completed all the problems. What an innovative and fun way to review the material and incorporate motion into a lesson plan!
Miss Ahuva Spetner's class designed beautiful trifolds displaying the halachos that they learned in class. These include the mitzvos of wearing tzitzis, separating challah, keeping Shabbos, and wearing tefillin every day, as well as the laws prohibiting idolatry. These trifolds are being prominently displayed in the main corridor outside of the business office. 
G’mach broke out their exciting Tu B'Shevat activity and program with an interactive Spot It game where contestants had to find the matching objects on each pair of cards displayed on the screen. The objects found - strawberries, blenders, tzedakah boxes, trees, bikes, milk, and the word G’mach - all have something in common! Wheely Good Smoothies came to the Upper Middle School and the girls were each given a chance to blend their own fruit smoothies powered by their feet as they pedaled on a bike! All proceeds will benefit Ahavas Yisroel. In conjunction with this event, the girls have the opportunity to collect tzedakah for a organization of their choice in a program called, "Tzedakah - Powered by You." $2,500.00 was raised for tzedakah!
The Lower Middle School has launched an exciting initiative which will take place throughout the month of Shevat. Continuing with the "Doubles” GEM motif, the theme for Chodesh Shevat is “Duet in Pairs” - saying brachos and answering amein. Over the month, the girls will track their brachos and ameins and the tally will be displayed on a screen in the lobby. In conjunction with this initiative, the students decorated magnetic Al Hamichya plaques at their Rosh Chodesh activity. The girls also watched a short video presentation on the concept of amein, its power, and how it connects to having emunah in Hashem.
In honor of Shabbos Shira, G.O. conducted a kumzitz in the auditorium where the entire Upper Middle School had the opportunity to sing together. The beautiful singing was led by Mrs. Ruchama Landa and accompanied by Mrs. Racheli Kriegsman on the guitar. The songs contained ideas of emunah and were both inspiring and uplifting. 
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