12 Shevat 5782 | January 13, 2022
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Upper Elementary

Parshas Beshalach
In our inaugural year of focus on Yediyos Haparshiyos, the girls mastered Sefer Breishis! They have been singing songs, learning the weekly Torah lessons, testing each other, and comprehending the concepts of the Parsha each week. In celebration of completing the first sefer, we had our first Chazak assembly. The girls played a Sefer Breishis review game, sang together, and Mrs. Chaya Hoffman prepared them for Sefer Shmos
One highlight of the Third Grade is the ability for students to earn Parsha dollars to buy items at the Parsha store following the completion of every sefer. This year's Parsha store was exciting and allowed the girls to feel accomplished in their work.
As the Fourth Grade continues to read more and more books for their reading class, they have had the opportunity to record fun facts and information about the books they are reading on slips of paper that the students converted into a chain. The chain now hangs around the entire Fourth Grade hall!
The 13 foundations of Emuna from the Rambam are essential codes of our belief in Hashem and how He runs our world. Did you know that every student in the elementary knows a song corresponding to each of these 13 principles? Each week, they learned an additional song, and now they have learned all 13, which each class sings every day. Aside from the schoolwide theme song on Emuna, each song imbues the girls with foundational beliefs we should hold dear. Thank you to Morah Judy Neuberger for her work on this beautiful project.
While knowing the multiplication tables is essential, understanding how these numbers work and why, helps make these abstract ideas real. Mrs. Rachel Gedalius and her Third Grade class showed how they could depict their math sentences in common occurrences of arrays as they drew buildings with specific numbers of windows. Other classes found displays of rows and columns in our auditorium tables and benches and in some of the charts we use around our building. By knowing how to multiply and divide, we can quickly figure out how many stickers, windows, and seats we have or may need in real-life examples.
Bais Yaakov Technology Parent and Faculty Evening With Dr. David Lieberman
Wednesday, January 26 or Monday, January 31
High School M. Leo Storch Auditorium
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