7 Nissan 5782 | April 7, 2022
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High School

Parshas Metzora
Together with the rest of Klal Yisroel, we are orphaned and bereft with the passing of our unique, incomparable Gadol Hador, the Sar Hatorah, Rav Chaim Kanievsky ZT”L. We strove to give over the ramifications of this loss through a brief hesped from Rabbi Zweig immediately when we returned to school after the petira. Rav Shrage Neuberger shlit”a is scheduled to draw and share lessons about this irreplaceable gaon and tzaddik. Rabbi Zweig was also invited to share words of hesped with the Upper Middle School in our M. Leo Storch Auditorium. May Hashem help and strengthen us at this painful time.
This year’s Purim Chagiga was spectacular, both in ruach and simchas hachag - a real Yom Tov celebration. The costumes were original, colorful, and full of creativity, the dancing was lively and so inclusive, and the video was simply hilarious. Continued hatzlacha to the school on the dean search, but our video footage indicates that we may be closer than ever to our goal of finding just the right candidate!
Purim obviously leads right into Pesach, with its whole accoutrement of special Halacha and Haggadah classes, shiurim, and inspiration. Rabbi Zweig, Rabbi Shapiro, Rabbi Wax and Rabbi Engelsberg delivered stimulating and interesting Haggadah classes in the Eleventh and Tenth Grades. Our Halacha Rabbeim gave classes preparing the students for Yom Tov, including halachos of the Seder and the “Search-and-Destroy” Chometz activities. Rav Moshe Heineman shlit”a gave his annual shiur to the entire school, which was sorely missed during two Covid years, and Rabbi Dovid Schwartz offered a Pesach hashkafa class to the entire Twelfth Grade.
Our Robotics students, under the direction of Mrs. Serena Schwartz and Mrs. Ora Attar, introduced their friendly robot Karl at a national competition in Manhattan…Good luck to our STEM students as you prepare your capstone projects for display at National Innovation Day in May, including a seizure alert bracelet, a suitcase with a built-in scale, a fire safety candle tray and more!
Another beautiful, perfectly orchestrated Yom Iyun made a powerful impact on both students and teachers alike. L’Hagid…ChasdechaAttitude of Gratitude” was the theme, with an unforgettable event, whose beautiful aesthetics were matched by thought provoking workshops and an uplifting message from guest speaker Mrs. Ilana Farbstein. Delectable refreshments and a powerful dance, cantata, and video presentation rounded out what was a morning long to be remembered. Thank you to Mrs. Shifra Rabenstein and your Yom Iyun team, Leeba Gold, Elisheva Hirschman, Yehudis Neuberger, Rivkie Pretter and Leah Steinberg for this unique program!
Many other events have kept us engaged and energized in recent weeks. Thank you Discovery for your introduction of the Nissan Technology Program and yiyasher kochachen to our student speakers, who shared their “journeys”- Naomi Kreymer, Perri Greenwald , Kayla Feder, and Avigayil Zelinger. An additional thank you for the most stimulating drasha given by Mrs. Dina Shneider on the topic of Emes With Yourself...” Thank you I-limit for your exciting closing event, including words of inspiration from Rabbi Yechiel Spero…Thank you to our Grade Counselors and Assistant Grade Counselors for the beautiful grade events, including meaningful messages from Rabbi Tzvi Mordechai Feldheim and Rabbi Naftoli Hexter…Thank you Chai Lifeline for providing our students with a healthy and most meaningful outlet, in pairing up students with Chai Lifeline children and organizing warm, exciting activities for Chai Lifeline families…Thank you G’mach for your newly reformulated schoolwide Mishloach Manos project…Congratulations to our Basketball Team for outstanding play and sportsmanship and two first place and two second place finishes…May the energy continue!
4/11 - Pesach Recess (MS and HS)
4/12 - 4/22 Pesach Recess (All Divisions)
April 7/ 6 Nissan

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