30 Shevat 5781 | February 11, 2021
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Middle School
Parshas Mishpatim

Each week, the Fifth Grade girls are taught the weekly parsha by their teachers. After compleing Sefer Bereishis, they reviewed the important facts about the various people and places and the basic storyline of the sefer. A written test was given to each girl allowing them to earn points for their class. At the Grand Finale, the fifth graders all gathered in the M. Leo Storch High School Auditorium for a grand chidon. Prizes were awarded based on how many points each class earned. The girls did a fantastic job showcasing how much they learned in a fun and exciting way. 
Although the Sixth Grade Bas Mitzvah Dinner has been postponed until June, the girls have started preparing for this highly anticipated event. Plans are for each class to perform their own pre-recorded drama as well as a live choir. The girls are also working on centerpieces for the tables at the dinner as they eagerly await becoming bas mitzvah with their friends and family.
The Seventh Grade recently held their annual Middle School Melave Malka. In recognition that there is "No Creator like Hashem," the evening's theme was 'Paint Night.' Keeping Covid compliance in mind, the Melave Malka was hosted for two classes at a time on different weeks. To engage all of the students, each homeroom worked on a different part of the evening, including decor and centerpieces, souvenirs, an interactive game of Family Feud, baking dessert, creation of a beautiful poster, and a song and video that all came together magnificently. Morah Debby Weintraub and Mrs. Hinda Moskowitz from the Elementary School instructed the girls in painting a beautiful picture of Cherry Blossoms falling from a tree over a bridge. A light meal of baked ziti, breadsticks, and soup was served, followed by chocolate chip tarts a la mode. Several students gave a Dvar Torah that added meaning to the evening.
In honor of Tu B'shevat and Shabbos Shira, this month's Yom Iyun focused on growth, a lesson taken from the trees. Despite appearing withered and forlorn, trees are experiencing a tremendous amount of unseen growth as the sap starts to make its way up the tree. Mrs. Elena Tal, a professionally trained opera singer, shared her story of leaving a successful singing career with a master's degree in voice in order to lead a life of Torah observance. She entertained us with stories, interwoven with songs as an expression of her fascinating journey. After her moving performance, a slideshow created by the girls in 8E was shown, followed by two exciting Tu B'Shevat games, a moving video, and a delicious pre-packaged lunch. 
In honor of Rosh Chodesh Shevat, the PTA sponsored an exceptional activity for the Middle School girls. Large beach balls were placed in bins throughout the gym. The girls followed instructions drumming on the balls with sticks to an uplifting beat. They even got to sit on the balls and "dance" to the music. Thank you to the PTA for sponsoring this engaging activity. 
Miss Ahuva Spetner always keeps her students absorbed and involved in their lessons. To highlight this, she most recently had her students design beautiful trifold posters displaying the halachos that they learned in class. These included the mitzvos of wearing tzitzis, separating challah, keeping Shabbos, and wearing tefillin every day, as well as the laws against avodah zarah (idolatry). The posters are being prominently displayed in the main corridor outside of the Executive Office Suite. 
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