29 Kislev 5782 | December 2, 2021
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Chanukah Edition

Parshas Mikeitz
Wishing you and your families a happy and lichtigen Chanuka
Lower Elementary
This is perhaps the busiest and most delicious time of year! Beginning with Rosh Chodesh Kislev, our classrooms were filled with the sounds of lively music as our students create special projects like menorah mats and colorful window decorations.
Additionally, we were fortunate to host many special visitors to enrich our learning.  The Fire Marshal visited to teach about fire safety. The robotic assistant was exciting to watch and helped the girls remember how to stay firesafe in our homes. The Fire Marshal also explained all of the gear he wears when he is putting out a fire.
Mrs. Shaina Bluma Segal presented science shows teaching about the properties of oil and water, as well as fire. Mrs. Rachel Sagal came with yoga mats and taught the story of Chanukah while guiding the girls through gross motor stretches and movement activities. 

We rounded out the week with fun “Round Robin” activities by visiting other classrooms around the Preschool and enjoying games, projects, stories, and lots of socializing with our friends. It’s been a whirlwind of excitement this week as we maximized each minute of our Chanukah filled days!
In honor of Chanukah, the Second Grade played Chumash Shoresh Bingo. The girls filled in their Bingo boards with shorashim (word roots) they have learned. The atmosphere was electric as the girls filled up row after row with their delicious "Bingo Markers" (colored Winkies!) until many students completed the whole board. The girls left full of smiles and pride. They also had a unique opportunity to make dreidels out of toothpicks and candy. The girls had a great time designing, connecting, and shaping their dreidels!

Our students enjoyed the varied activities of singing, baking, davening Hallel, lighting candles, creating beautiful trays for their families' menoros and decorating signs for the brachos of Chanukah candles. We hope that these decorations enrich your Chanukah experience at home and help your daughters feel pride of their own handiwork.
Upper Elementary
Chanukah is bursting with the simcha of mitzvos which results in a lot of fun for all. Each day the entire Third and Fourth Grades join together to daven Hallel and sing Chanukah songs with the musical accompaniment of Mrs. Shazy King. Morah Esther Feldheim's class put together a delightful harmony of gratitude to Hashem, our parents and our friends for all the gifts we receive. On Wednesday, the entire Elementary enjoyed performances from Morah Shoshana Kruger's First Grade. We were also treated to a performance by Morah Devoiry Herskowitz and Morah Dassie Barr's classes, who joined together to sing and dance about our school-wide theme of Emuna!

Many classes held Chanukah parties in their rooms, and some moros had celebrations at their homes. The students experienced fun and purposeful activities. They designed dreidels, wrote paragraphs, connected to stories, and learned many lessons about Chanukah throughout the week.

Every student and faculty member delighted in the yummy treats from our PTA who distributed doughnuts on Monday, helped facilitate our faculty gifts, and assisted in setting up our delightful faculty luncheon. We value our partnership with the PTA and encourage everyone to contact them to find ways to participate and connect with our Bais Yaakov.
Middle School
Chanukah ruach is burning throughout the corridors and classrooms of Middle School. In truth, it was already palpable before Chanukah, as the Hall Decorating Committee hustled and bustled to outfit our building with dreidels, menorahs, streamers, and more. 
In the Upper Middle School, the Chagiga Committee did a stupendous job creating a “Boot Camp.” The girls relived the Chanukah story when a few special tzaddikim with their faith in Hashem overpowered the seemingly mighty Yevanim. The magnificent tank and battle grounds added to the ambiance along with the camouflage colors that decked out the auditorium. Mrs. Shifra Rabenstein kicked off the evening with an inspiring message about the infinite power in each student to make a wondrous impact on the world. Next came a lively fast-paced game show with all types of fabulous Chanukah themed challenges. The night ended with high-energy dancing. On Tuesday morning, the Upper Middle School students also had the special privilege of hearing inspirational words from Mrs. Jaclyn Sova about how each student plays a unique “note” in the symphony of Klal Yisroel.
In the Lower Middle School, Mrs. Rassi Burstein’s class decorated the lobby with a Chanukah exhibit depicting beautiful menorahs, dreidels, and a Shemita landscape that connected to the theme of Chanukah. Other classes were divided into groups and decorated stain-glass windows with Chanukah themes. Fun activities also included making dreidels out of phone books. The theme for the Lower Middle School Chagiga was “CRE8” where the girls engaged in 8 different Chanukah activities for the 8 nights of Chanukah. These activities included decorating donuts, personalizing gloves, necklace art, and much more. The chagiga ended with joyous dancing accompanied by some of our very own Bais Yaakov Seniors.
High School
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12/11 and 12/12
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12/3 - 12/6
  • Chanukah Recess (No School)

12/14 - Asarah B'Teves (Early Dismissal)
  • 11:50 MS Early Dismissal
  • 12:05 HS Early Dismissal
  • 12:15 MS Early Dismissal
Dec 2/ 28 Kislev
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