17 Cheshvan 5780 | November 14, 2019
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Middle School
Parshas Vayeira

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The days leading up to Succos were filled with learning and punctuated with fun. Each class in the Rabbi Benjamin Steinberg Middle School was busy creating stunning and original Succos projects to enrich the joyous Yom Tov. A special thank you to our PTA for sponsoring these magnificent projects.
Grade Counselor, Mrs. Tova Wenger , introduced a special sensitivity program to the 5th grade . The program is called “Because Middos Matter” and aims to encourage awareness and sensitivity amongst the girls during recess and at lunchtime. A video presentation of the 5th grade girls in different situations throughout the school day modeled for the students different ways they can include everyone in all activities. The girls are now tasked with being on the lookout for different acts of chesed for which they will be rewarded by their teachers.
The 5th grade girls are busy learning important life lessons in a fun and hands-on way. Mrs. Chanie Meyerowitz played an exciting game teaching why working together is so beneficial. The girls were presented with a poster that they were instructed to copy. The challenge was for each girl to play a different role, needing to rely on her classmates to carry out her task correctly. The “looker” looked at the original poster, instructed her friends on what to do, and the “doer” completed it on the new poster. The activity was great fun and the lesson learned was invaluable! 
Under the direction of Mrs. Brenda Sherman and Mrs. Bracha Katz , Project Yud Bais is designed to highlight particular middos and halachos in preparation for our 6th grade girls becoming Bnos Mitzvah . The program was launched with an opening assembly that presented the girls with this month’s middah of sensitivity.
The 6th graders visit Levindale each week to bring cheer to the elderly residents. Principal Rabbi Naftoli Hexter , and Levindale’s Chaplain Rabbi Jeffrey Orkin , introduced the program to the 6th grade at a special assembly. Rabbi Hexter and Rabbi Orkin shared how the students’ happy smiles make a difference in the residents’ day and described the great Kiddush HaShem the students are making. We are proud to have facilitated these weekly visits to Levindale for over 20 years!
A delicious brunch was the kick off for “V’at Aleece Al Kulana” , a special new program developing Ahavas Yisroel and personal growth amongst the 7th graders presented by Mrs. Nusy Lefkovitz . This theme will be the focus of various events throughout the year. In addition, Grade Counselor Mrs. Devorah Polsky planned a series of fun activities designed to help the girls become familiar with the other students in their new homerooms. The teachers were in on the fun as they led their respective classes through the activities that included finding similarities between girls and a series of team building races. The girls had a great time learning about each other.
Each of the 8th Grade Mechanchos host a beautiful and delicious Melava Malka for the students of her homeroom. The food is scrumptious and the ruach is palpable as the girls gain so much from the dedication of these teachers. Thank you to our 8th Grade Mechanchos Mrs. Chana Eichorn, Mrs. Shuli Frand, Mrs. Raizy Kulik, and Miss Ahuva Spetner .
The 8th Grade’s Sinai Bulletin Board Committee , under the guidance of Mrs. Shuli Frand , puts their heart and soul into creating special and unique bulletin boards for the Sinai Hospital Bikur Cholim room. The bulletin boards bring cheer and brighten the mood of all those who see them. We hope that with this small act we can bring comfort to the families who need to spend time at Sinai Hospital.
Last week, the Middle School held its first fire drill of the season. The fire drill is designed as a precautionary measure to help girls practice what needs to be done in case of a real fire ( Rachmana litzlan ). The fire drill went very smoothly with both buildings being evacuated very quickly and in a very orderly manner. A parent who was visiting the school commented on how impressive the girls were as they quietly lined up in their appropriate spots awaiting further directions. Kol Hakavod .

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November 13/ 15 Cheshvan

לעלוי נשמת
הרב מנחם מענדל דן בן ר' אריה ליב זצ"ל

In Memory of
Rabbi Mendel D. Freedman ZT"L

Sponsored by
The Freedman Family

November 12/ 14 Cheshvan

לזכר נשמת
רחל בת משה ע"ה

In Memory of
Mrs. Rachel Polonski A"H
On Her 50th Yahrtzeit

Sponsored by
The Sadres and Shapiro Families
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