26 Iyar 5782 | May 26, 2022
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Lower Elementary

Parshas Bechukosai
It is that time of year again for our Preschool closing activities! We are so proud of our girls’ accomplishments and we truly enjoy hosting parents and grandparents in our building. We are sure that our girls will continue to bring much nachas to their families and wish them much mazel and hatzlacha.
Just before Lag Ba'Omer, our First Grade talmidos visited numerous shuls to meet with the Rabbanim and their wives including Rabbi Rouben Arieh, Rabbi Mordechai Feldheim, Rabbi Akiva Feldman, Rabbi Emmanuel Goldfeiz, Rabbi Menachem Goldberger, Rabbi Duvi Rubin, and Rabbi Jonathan Seidemann
Each Rav explained and compared the five Chumashim to a Sefer Torah, teaching the girls that their Chumashim contain the very same words found in the Sifrei Torah. Each girl had the opportunity to look the inside of a Sefer Torah and find her first initials. This is a long-standing school tradition introduced by Rabbi Mendel D. Freedman z"l to promote a love of the Beis HaKnesses. We salute our PTA for providing the busses to transport our students to the various shuls. We also thank the many parents who volunteered to drive.
The following day, the girls received their Chumashim! Adorned with beautiful Bereishis crowns, each class presented a song on stage expressing their Simchas HaTorah, learned the first pasuk in the Torah and enjoyed a delicious celebratory brunch.
This past week, our Kindergarten enjoyed a wonderful trip to the Maryland Zoo with its many animals. This trip underscored our efforts to promote healthy outdoor activities for all our students. Our Pre-Nursery and Nursery classes enjoyed a fun and energetic moon bounce activity set up on our campus. 
Our students in Morah Sara and Morah Shani’s Nursery recently hosted Mr. Yosef Ifrah, whose daughter, Tehila, is in the class. For the past nine years, Mr. Ifrah has been hatching chicks at home and bringing them for our students to see what they look like and how they feel. Mr. Ifrah brought along the chicks' shells to give the children a chance to feel them. The girls had a great time and enjoyed these tiny, cute, and fuzzy birds!
For the fifth year in a row, we had the pleasure of having Mr. Lenny Attman join us for our Lag Ba'Omer activities, along with Rabbi Aaron Gross, our Director of Development. For many years, Mr. Attman and his family have generously sponsored refreshments and activities for this special day in memory of their mother, Mrs. Ida Attman - Chaya Feige bas Yechiel Eliyahu A"H. As her son shared with the girls, Lag Ba'Omer was Mrs. Attman’s birthday and since she had no daughters of her own, she considered Bais Yaakov students her surrogate daughters. Mr. Attman is continuing this tradition and honored Bais Yaakov with his presence. The Second Grade played an array of relay races and the First Grade enjoyed a treasure hunt and spirited dancing with their moros. Thank you to the PTA for sponsoring our projects and water bottle holders.
After a year of planning, we began clearing trees, brush and vines for a new garden which will contain multiple beds for planting. A fence will be put up with a path leading to the garden from the playground, enabling our preschool students to plant and maintain the garden. We are sure that this new program will be a successful educational horticultural program.
On Sunday morning, May 15 and Tuesday evening, May 17, hundreds of elementary students and their mothers joined us for our exhilarating STEM Expo. The auditorium was filled with a palpable energy as the girls and their mothers challenged themselves to engineer bridges, use wind and magnets to move vehicles, and build catapults. They played logic games, experimented with density, and explored the basics of coding and circuits. Special Kudos to Mrs. Pnina Jacobovitz and Mrs. Beth Pasternak who coordinated the entire program and thank you to the many teachers who made this event a reality.
One parent submitted the following:
“Thank you so much for such a truly well-run, and enjoyable event that I enjoyed with my daughter. She was so excited to try all the different tables which were so well staffed and supplied! It must have been a tremendous amount of effort to plan, prepare, and execute such a fantastic event. We really appreciate it!”

Our Second Graders created a Mother's Day gift to express their appreciation and loving sentiments for the many kindnesses which their mothers perform on their behalf. The girls wrote a beautiful note on "shrinky dinks," which were baked and made into key chains. This activity was an enjoyable writing assignment coupled with a fun activity. A special word of “Thanks” again to our dynamic PTA for all the support they provide the school.
Mrs. Chaya Bracha Waldbaum challenged her Second Grade class to focus on their brachos between Pesach and Shavuos. The girls filled out charts with over 2,000 brachos made! Mrs. Waldbaum hosted a beautiful “brachos barbecue” at her home on Lag Ba'Omer to celebrate their accomplishments.
5/30 Memorial Day
  • ES - School Closed
  • MS - Early Dismissal 11:50 AM
  • HS - Early Dismissal 12:05 PM
5/30 Time to Refocus - An evening of information and inspiration with Rabbi Eytan Feiner
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