19 Shevat 5780 | February 13, 2020
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Upper Elementary
Parshas Yisro
The Third Grade classes have been exploring traits of various animals, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and other genres. We were delighted that Alex Finkelstein brought in her pet iguana for the girls to have the ability to interact with a live lizard. The girls enjoyed watching the movements and the niflaos haborei of how Hashem designed this creature to adapt to its surroundings. It was fascinating to see how a cold-blooded animal needs to have a warm lamp to maintain its body temperature and how its colorful scales protect it from predators.
The Third Grade students earned another fantastic Kriah event. This time they were able to spend their Kriah Kash at the Bais Yaakov "Cocoa Cafe". As part of our kriah program, the girls spend time reading in class and one-on-one with Morah Malkey Adler to ensure every girl maintains and builds her kriah skills. Students earn Kriah Kash after each kriah session, which can be spent at one of these special events.

The Fourth Grade reading groups spend much of the winter integrating Social Studies units with their Literature. Over the past month, the students have been learning about the immigration process and reading stories and letters about people who immigrated to America from different countries around the world. The girls set up their very own TSA Customs Checkpoint where new arrivals to America had to go through the needed steps to get approval to enter the country. Once in America, immigrants to our country needed to prepare for naturalization. The girls learned about this about this as they read Maggie Rugg Herold's The Very Important Day. This story shares the experiences of people preparing to become a citizen. One highlight of this unit is when our own Limudei Kodesh Coordinator, Mrs. Liora Rosen, shared her personal journey to becoming a US Citizen.
It is not so hard to imagine what the makkos were like as our moros in Third Grade brought them to life during parshiyos this past month! Also, having finished Sefer Beraishis, the Third Graders who earned parsha dollars each week were able to spend their "money" on the PTA sponsored Parsha Store! The girls are motivated to understand and discuss the parsha, knowing they can earn such fun prizes. We thank the PTA for their continued support.
This past January began with the Siyum Hashas and continued to have many more siyumim as the Bais Yaakov Third and Fourth Grade classes each completed another parsha in the Torah! Each class in Third Grade completed Parshas Vayeira and began Parshas Chayei Sara. Additionally, our Fourth Grade classes completed Parshas Vayeishev and are continuing with Parshas Miketz this month. The classes enjoy celebrating with yummy food, brachos, games, posters, and acting out various parts of the Torah they learned. We wish each of our moros and talmidos Mazal Tov on these tremendous accomplishments!
We extend a warm welcome to come learn more about  Bais Yaakov's Pre-Nursery, Nursery and Kindergarten programs . Interested current parents should contact the school promptly for the upcoming year's Preschool Registration. We have few remaining slots and recommend calling our Registrar, Mrs. Gila Fayz at (443)548-7700 ext. 306 for more information. We continue to be a vibrant, growth-oriented institution dedicated to partnering with our parents in their daughter's  chinuch .
Feb 17 ES Parent Teacher Conferences (Makeup)
Feb 23 1st Grade Siddur Presentation
Feb 23 6th Grade Bas Mitzvah Dinner
Feb 25 HS Parent Teacher Conferences
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Feb 11/ 16 Shevat

לזכות רפואה שלמה
לאברהם צבי בן פיגא נ"י
ולמשה בן פיגא נ"י

Sponsored by
Rabbi and Mrs. Shaul Engelsberg

Feb 13/ 18 Shevat

לזכות רפואה שלמה
לאפרים בן לאה נ"י

Sponsored by
His Family

Feb 14/ 19 Shevat

Mazel Tov to
Chava Leah Goodhart
on your Bas Mitzvah

From your loving grandmother,
Mrs. Maria Benedek

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