26 Shevat 5780 | February 20, 2020
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Middle School
Parshas Mishpatim
Bais Yaakov’s Women’s Gala Event will b'ezras Hashem take place on March 16 th  at Martin’s West. It will be a historic event of appreciation and inspiration that Baltimore has never experienced before. To make a reservation or to learn more about the event, please visit  www.galaevent.baisyaakov.net  or contact the Bais Yaakov office at 443-548-7700 x 522 or galaevent@baisyaakov.net . Let’s celebrate together!
“Little girls with dreams become women with vision,” is the theme of our Eighth Grade yearbook. The Eighth Grade chose to dedicate this year’s yearbook to two incredible women who embody this philosophy, Mrs. Chanita Felder and Mrs. Shari Rochkind. Mrs. Felder, the Coordinator of Students, works tirelessly to ensure that each student’s academic and social needs are taken care of. She also presents social skills classes to the Seventh and Eighth Grades in an entertaining and innovative manner. Mrs. Rochkind, one of our Eight Grade science teachers, teaches her students in a fun and dynamic way, ensuring they understand the difficult physics lessons they are learning. As the Science Fair Coordinator, Mrs. Rochkind coordinates all of the different aspects of the fair and guarantees that each girl can be proud of the work that she is doing.
In honor of Shabbos Shira, Gemach conducted a school-wide kumzitz in the gym where the entire Middle School had the opportunity to sing together. The beautiful singing was led by Mrs. Ruchama Landa and accompanied by Mrs. Shalomis Weinreb on the guitar. The featured songs contained ideas of emunah and were both inspiring and uplifting.
Ma Ahavti Torahsecha is the lesson instilled in our Fifth Grade classrooms. Each week, the girls are taught the weekly parsha by their teachers. At the end of Sefer Bereishis , the moros reviewed many of the important yedios and a written chidon was given to each girl to earn points for their class. Then, the entire Fifth Grade gathered for a grand game of Jeopardy complete with fresh popcorn and pink lemonade. Each class was able to earn more points toward their class total. The girls did a fantastic job showcasing how much they learned in a fun and exciting way and are looking forward to receiving the class prizes. Thank you to all of the Fifth Grade moros and to Mrs. Brenda Sherman for arranging this spectacular chidon .
Mrs. Sara Gross , an outstanding scriptwriter and play director, teaches the Seventh Grade drama class with the mission of teaching not only drama skills, but important life skills as well. The girls learn to articulate their words, project their voices and use body language to tell a story through their acting. While rehearsing and preparing the performance, the girls gain confidence, poise, and good social skills. The first semester culminated with spectacular showings of “The Princess and the Pea” before audiences of students and parents and was met with rave reviews.
Mrs. Shulie Frand ’s Eight Grade homeroom arranged a magnificent Yom Iyun in honor of Tu B’shvat . Rabbi Tzvi Mordechai Feldheim spoke to the girls and imparted multiple important lessons that we can learn from a tree. Following the talk, an exceptional Tu B’shvat “Chopped” competition was held, where two students from each homeroom were paired up with one teacher and had to make a Shivas Haminim dessert. The judges tasted many incredible creations and finally picked Shivas Haminim Flap Jacks as the winner and Shivas Haminim Trifle in second place. The girls had a great time cheering their classmates in this unique event.
The teachers of the Middle School try to make sure that the lessons that they teach come alive for their students. Mrs. Sara Esther Shnaidman does this with her Sixth Grade by having them build their own International Space Station (ISS) models that complete their unit on Space. The models are personal and creative and show just how much the girls have learned. Similarly,  Miss Ahuva Spetner has her Seventh Grade Chumash Class decorate trifold display boards about the Torah lessons they learned. Feel free to stop by our lobbies to see these magnificent exhibits.
Feb 23  1st Grade Siddur Presentation
Feb 23  6th Grade Bas Mitzvah Dinner
Feb 25  HS Parent Teacher Conferences
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