22 Kislev 5780 | December 19, 2019
Bais Yaakov e-Newsletter
High School
Parshas Vayeishev
Visitors have again dotted the high school calendar, injecting inspiration, learning, and opportunities into school life. Dr. ­­­­Linda Samuels presented her riveting story to the entire school about growing up as a non-Jew and her discovery of Yiddishkeit . She challenged her audience to realize the gift and good fortune that is ours and to make good choices . Rabbi Engelsberg treated Mrs. Sara Back’s 12 th Grade class to a vibrant discussion about being the chosen nation. Rabbi Aryeh Richter, Executive Director of Menucha, spoke with our students about Menucha and the different ways that they can be involved as volunteers, working with children who have special needs. 
We are gearing up for the first of its kind " V'haer " Friday night program to experience and enhance the kedusha of Shabbos together . More than 400 participants are expected at our venue, Congregation Shomrei Emunah , as we share Seudas Shabbos followed by an exciting and inspiring program. Both faculty and students are joining from near and far, starting with Kabbolas Shabbos by grade at private homes in the Shomrei Emunah vicinity. Thank you to Shomrim for assisting in our plans for walking groups after the program, and thank you to Mrs. Chana Lavi and Mrs. Adina Turoff for all your hard work in arranging every part of the evening.
Our students have branched out and are performing vital chessed throughout the community. We wish we could list all participants, but there are more than 300(!) of them performing a wide range of activities. Our active chessed groups are making a difference in the following programs: Adopt a Bubby, Menucha , Helping Mothers, Homework Helpers, Visiting Nursing Homes, Bikur Cholim, Drivers, and Chasdei Leah’s Locker (A locker in memory of Mrs. Leah Steinhardt A"H, filled with basic necessities girls might need i.e. a lint roller, bobby pins, safety pins, pencils, etc.). Our G’mach lobby screen has added so much, providing artful and exciting up to date G’mach information and news. 
More than 50 students spend time on Shabbos afternoons and weekday evenings visiting our senior community members. Our girls form close and lasting relationships and enrich lives. Also noteworthy is Bikur Cholim , which sponsors a rotation of students who visit Sinai Hospital patients on Friday afternoons and weekday evenings. 
Dec 21 PTA Mall Night
Dec 23 -26 Chanukah - Early Dismissal
4:00 PM MS Dismissal
4:15 PM HS Dismissal
Dec 27 -30 Chanukah Recess
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