26 Iyar 5779 | May 30, 2019
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Middle School
Parshas Bechukosai


The middle school students recently enjoyed two world class guest speakers. Author and columnist, Rabbi Yonasan Rosenblum, encouraged the students to consider that each and every opportunity that comes their way may yield incredible positive consequences. Teacher and lecturer, Rabbi Y. Y. Jacobson, told over an inspirational story of how approaching life with an ayin tova , a positive outlook, can bring about tremendous yeshuos .
Rabbi Yonasan Rosenblum
Rabbi Y.Y. Jacobson

Another successful school year is drawing to a close, but at the Middle School the fun never ends. Most recently, every grade went on a spectacular, action-packed trips where the teachers expertly blended learning with pleasure. Thank you to the PTA for your help in making these trips affordable.

The Fifth Grade took a trip to Baltimore City Hall where the students met with Councilman Yitzy Schleifer who spoke to the girls about how new laws are made. One girl even had a chance to propose her own new law and the girls worked through the process of how the proposal can become law. After touring City Hall, the girls went on a boat ride in the Inner Harbor , and ended the day in Fort McHenry where they watched a video about the War of 1812 and had a chance to explore the fort. 
The Sixth Grade took their annual trip to JA BizTown where they learned important lessons in finance, economics and how a town runs. Lots of work was done in school to prepare the girls for their exciting day at BizTown. Mrs. Tanya Gerstman led the preparatory classes. Elections were held to elect mayors, and the girls had to “apply” for various jobs. Once the jobs were distributed, the girls met in groups and worked on how they would advertise and run their businesses. The time spent at BizTown was amazing! The girls all worked together at their jobs and felt that they were productive citizens making a real contribution to their town.
The Seventh Grade traveled to Annapolis where they visited the Naval Academy and the State House . The students met with Senator Jill Carter who spoke about her job, as well as with the Senate President’s Chief of Staff Jake Weissman (son of our very own Mrs. Grace Weissman ) who also led them on a tour of the State House. The girls enjoyed a peaceful boat ride on the Severn River while eating lunch. An entertaining game of bowling was the next order of business on their way to Down’s Park in Pasadena, MD. The girls had a delicious barbecue that was the perfect ending to a very exciting day.
The Eighth Grade started their trip at The Smithsonian Museum of American History where they had a scavenger hunt to find items that they had learned about this year in their American History classes. After lunch on the National Mall , the buses took the girls to Adventure Park at Sandy Springs where their perseverance was challenged while completing ropes courses of varying difficulties. The trip ended with a grand barbecue that was enjoyed by all. The trip was picture-perfect, mirroring the growth and accomplishments of the last three years in the Middle School

Lag Baomer began on Wednesday night with a magnificent bonfire lit by Rabbi Naftoli Hexter . An inspiring story was told by guest storyteller Mrs. Chaya Bracha Waldbaum and the uplifting singing was led by Miss Esther Weiss for the Fifth and Sixth Grades and by Mrs. Pnina Jacobovitz for the Seventh and Eighth Grades. Over four hundred Middle School girls participated in the beautiful nighttime programming!

Ve'ahavta Lerayacha Kamocha was the theme of the exciting daytime festivities. G.O. and G’mach did an amazing job working together to make sure that all the activities ran smoothly. A delicious brunch was served, classes competed in exciting races, and we topped the morning off with "Silent Dancing". The girls also enjoyed a Walk-a-Thon, which raised over a $1,800 for Ahavas Yisroel . The girls had a great time while learning the important messages of the day.

As a follow-up to the Seventh Grade trip to Annapolis, Delegate Dalya Attar spoke to the Seventh Grade about her experiences in the Maryland House of Delegates . Delegate Attar shared fascinating accounts of her experiences with lawmaking and government and the recent historic selection of a new Speaker for the House of Delegates.

The Fifth Grade classes celebrated their Chumash accomplishments with fun, learning filled carnivals. Each girl made a presentation of one of the makkos complete with a game for everyone to enjoy. Mazal Tov to all the Fifth Graders and their Moros for the delightful and engaging s iyumim .
June 7-10 Shavous Recess
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June 20 Last Day of Preschool
June 21 Last Day of School
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May 30/ 25 Iyar
לזכר נשמת
איטא לאה בת נתן צבי ע"ה
Mrs. Lyla Longman A"H
Loving Mother and Grandmother
-On Her First Yahrtzeit-

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We are excited to announce an event for Alumnae of graduating classes  2009 through 2017  on Wednesday, July 18, 2019. Reconnect with friends, enjoy a light reception, hear words of inspiration from our high school principal,  Rabbi Yechezkel Zweig  and from beloved high school teacher,  Mrs. Josie Vegh  and more. For more information or to get involved, please email us at  alumnae@baisyaakov.net .  

We look forward to greeting you there!  

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